This is a cup, or is it?
August 28, 2009



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It really all depends upon where you standing. 

To explain; at the level of language or more specifically the English language, and to someone who has been indoctrinated or schooled in the English language it is safe to say this is a cup.  However, it would be more accurate to say that this in fact is NOT a cup.  Why? Because the label “cup” only remains consistent to someone who has an understanding, perception and skill in the English language, this only remains consistent as a cup, if we are standing in the English language with regard to familiarity and understanding of the English language.

If I am standing in a different language, lets say French, it would be “Tasse”, Spanish: La taza and Polish: Kubek.  If I don’t speak English it certainly is NOT a “cup”, and if for some reason, a person may never have seen what we call in English a cup, they would not know what it is; it would simply be an “object” without a frame of reference.  In fact it would not exist for them experientially or cognitively.  Theoretically, what ever we decide to call a cup is also in fact just a label for an object and the label is not the object, the name is not the thing.

Prior to the word and label “cup”, this is not a cup. 




This is of course is only true at the level of language and is a very superficial example, but the premise remains consistent.  If we jump or stand in another dimension ~ let’s say the physics dimension, what we call a “cup” takes on a whole new meaning.

At the level of the physics dimension, the object we call a cup is not a cup but in fact a field of energy and information.  In the science of quantum physics and the English language, we could say that this thing we call a cup that appears to be solid and separate from all other objects is in fact NOT solid and NOT separate; while it may appear to be something called a cup, it is in fact not a cup.

In Quantum physics, a cup would be more realistically seen and understood as something made up of atoms which are in turn made up of subatomic particles that have been “labeled” with terms like protons, electrons, quarks and bosons.  While these labels appear to qualify and on some level quantify this object in language that we call a “cup”; while these labels may imply distinction and separation; subatomic particles and anything in the physical universe are not things or even particles, but in fact fluctuations of energy and information in a huge void of energy and information. 

At the quantum level, everything that is anything in our Universe, appears at this level and eventually becomes all that we see, hear, taste, touch and smell in our physical universe.  So, something like a cup that appears to be solid and real is in fact not solid and not real in this particular dimension or at this level of perception.  This cup that previously appeared to have an inherent existence only maintains its perceived existence at a very conventional level of thinking and understanding within language and the external world; things begin to shift dramatically as we begin to perceive, something that appeared to be solid, on the subtler level of quantum physics. 


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While a cup may appear to be different than a plate or spoon at the level of the human senses, at the quantum level those distinctions disappear; a cup, plate and saucer are the same, barring the exception of the arrangement and quantity of the impulses of energy and information “they contain”.  Prior to the physical, external world and the labeling and language of the thinking dimension, a cup is not a cup.

As long as your sense of perception and awareness is trapped at a particular level or dimension you will only, ever, experience a very conventional, very skued and very, very, limited perception and awareness of what you call reality.  This is intrinsically the source of not only your suffering, but also that of humanities suffering. 

Our senses deceive us by providing a very narrow perception of reality.  As long as we are fixated, “stuck”, or determined by one particular dimension, we will struggle in the potential we have of experiencing our full human potential and our ability to navigate any or all the dimensions that awareness has access to.  While we may “exist” in a universe with an infinite spectrum of possibility and colour, our senses by nature, conditioning, circumstance and self engendered perception, can for the most part, only presently provide us with an experience or perception that is black and white.


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This is a cup?

But it is only a cup to the nervous system of a human.  If we are standing in or at a biological level of perception it is shaped more by our senses.  To a different nervous system within a different species and senses for example, this cup would not be a cup.  To the nervous system and experience of a Bat, this cup is experienced less through sight and more so through sound; primarily a nervous system that uses biological sonar called echolocation. 

Sounds are emitted into the environment, or in this case, cup, which then reflect back to provide information/energy as to the size, shape and distance of the object in the environment.  To stretch this idea further, to the nervous system of a honey bee, this cup would provide an un-discovered spectrum of UV colours and patterns, exclusive to the eye of a honey bee and inaccessible to the human eye; a whole new experience and world would immerge.


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This is a cup?

We continue this exploration in deconstruction and consciousness by pushing it further into a field of ambiguity.  If I’m standing in the emotional dimension this perceived cup takes on a whole new perception for me as an observer.  It might be easy to think that an inanimate object such as a cup has no emotional dimension, assuming there is no one there to observe it.  But this cup has a story to it and as I engage the story ~ the story I have attached to this cup, I create the opportunity to add a spectrum of experiences, memories and emotions to my perception of this cup, that were previously unavailable.  By nature, I also begin to blur the dimensions of my experience together.  I begin to fuse or collapse the dimensions of the external world, with the thinking dimension, and the emotional dimension.

This cup was given to me by one of my dearest friends who recently passed away as a result of leukemia.  It was given to me by my friend Louise, as a birthday gift a few years ago.  You might notice that the word love is written on the cup in beautiful Japanese characters.  This is very poignant and significant to me on an emotional and thinking (memory) level, because Louise played such a strong roll in my life as mentor, friend and role model.  For me, she was and is one of the strongest role models of unconditional love that I have ever experienced in life, and this cup is a constant reminder to me of the blessings I received as a result of the friendship I had in knowing Louise.

We suffer greatly when the dimensions of our experience fuse or collapse together, our reality becomes blurred and we are no longer able to distinguish the present moment, because it is overshadowed by one or more of the dimensions of awareness; often, we become fixated on one of the dimensions alone.

We suffer where we lack the freedom, skill, understanding and awareness to experience or navigate any, all, or none of the dimensions of our existence.  To be human is not to err, but to experience the function, fullness and potential of all dimensions deeply, while also recognizing that our essence by nature is essentially beyond those dimensions themselves.  When we fail to distinguish between those dimensions, when we fail to appreciate those dimensions of awareness with attention, we deny those dimensions. By denying those dimensions they determine who we are being. 

Subjective freedom occurs when we master/surrender our capability of appreciating those dimensions by allowing our attention to be present with the fullness of those dimensions, where they can inform who we are being. Subjective freedom through multi dimensional awareness is the ability to appreciate and know experientially and inherently that Who We Are at an essential level, occurs within and beyond the external, biological, thinking, emotional or physics dimensions.

At its most essential, level the purpose of Yoga [Union ~ yoke] if there indeed was one, is to loosen the grip we have on our perceived reality, so that we might engage it more fully from the level of Being.  To recognize that for most, reality itself is a subjectively skued, selectively informed, trance induced experience, within those dimensions. 


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As we begin to “yoke” (“pull back” or “harness”) our awareness within the field of those dimensions is freed, to enable us to appreciate the depth and potential of not only that dimension but also the expression of our humanity that occurs in that dimension.  We, as awareness, are no longer trapped within a self induced coma of a particular dimension.  We are freed to be informed by one, more, or neither of those dimensions as needed.  We are freed to experience not only those dimensions, but also the essence of our Being, that lies beyond all dimensions. 

With each dimension of awareness there is a perceived story.  Most of us, our deeply attached to our story within those dimensions, we are fixated and fused to the story we been told, and told ourselves within a particular dimension.  We live our life investing time and energy, thought and belief, emotion and understanding into the story of those dimensions and who we imagine ourselves to be within those dimensions; there is a perceived loss of Being, as we  identify ourselves falsely to and as those dimensions.

Our story is always the source of our suffering; of all human suffering.  Our story is the canvass upon which the psychology of who we imagine ourselves to be, expresses itself.  It is a role, a bit part in a drama that infringes upon eternity and the expression of Being.

Sometimes; well actually mostly, we appear to lose ourselves in the story (dimension) of who we imagine ourselves to be.  We loose ourselves in the drama and nonsense, the confusion and doubt, the fear, sadness or even perceived success of a particular story, within a particular dimension.  We lose ourselves in the success, tragedy, devastation and limitation of who we think we are within that dimension.

The seduction of the story (dimension of awareness) is that it has both an upside and downside.  We imagine that if we are in the down, and we focus on the up, we will be able to survive, improve or change the nature of the down and the dimension, permanently.  In that struggle or success, however adept our failure, success or strategies may be, we only reinforce the self, we imagine ourselves to be.  We lose ourselves to the role player, who lives, breathes and dies in the dimensions and roles of who we think we are.  We abandon our true Self for a pseudo self that can only at best, provide us with the illusion of failure, success or change, in a dimension and world that by nature, is constant change and limitation.

Refining the role of who we imagine ourselves to be, immersing ourselves in that role, only further enmeshes us within that role.  If we don’t know we are in a role, how can we ever get out of a role?  As long as we continue acting as though we are that role, how can we ever get out of that role?

In the story of who we are, there is an actor, a pseudo self that lives, breathes and acts out the performance of a lifetime with all the rewards and challenges that any great performance demands.  Within the seduction of that story, role and life, we remain spell bound by its potential, hypnotized by the infinite distractions that can occur within each story line.  

To have the ability to move freely within those dimensions, allows us to be in a story, but not of that story; to recognize that we might be in a role, but inherently and essentially are not THAT role.  Each dimension provides a taste of the divine, but should never be worshiped as the divine or diabolical.  Each dimension of awareness can elevate or subjugate our experience depending on the degree to which we are aware of that dimension and the relationship that it has to Who We Are.


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This, is a cup?

But it is only a cup, depending upon where we are standing.

There is a promise; the seed of freedom lies in our ability to embrace each dimension of awareness with complete fullness of attention.  In the fullness of that attention we can investigate, inquire, question, dismantle, let go of, and move beyond ideas, notions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories that presently limit the expression of Being, that dwell as concepts, within those dimensions. 

Established in complete awareness of the present moment we are free to navigate any, all, are none of the dimensions simultaneously and spontaneously, without need or effort.  We are free to step into the moment, the presence of our essential nature and the playground of eternity, and the once unnoticed background of Being, spontaneously shifts, to become the foreground of reality…

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