ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #21
November 4, 2008


It’s fine to feel like you’re not good enough.



New circumstances can often place you in situations where you feel inadequate and inferior.  While these inner programs and conversations often repeat themselves over and over again in your life, it’s valuable to recognize their insignificance to who you truly are.  Reminding yourself that you are not your emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs is a way to navigate the more challenging inner terrain of the mind that may often hamper or debilitate the pursuit of your dreams.


Extended commentary:


The field of Psychology and most New Age Spirituality, places a high regard on the quality of your thoughts.  Significance, value and assessment, suggest that not only that you are your thoughts, but also that your thoughts have the ability to manipulate reality; this is very far, from the truth…


Yoga teaches us experientially; directly, that we are not our thoughts.  Thoughts happen, or they don’t.  A thought is a thought, and consciousness places no value or significance on the thought or the apparent quality of the thought.   A thought is inherently neither good nor bad; it simply is.  It is only the delusion of the mind, and the obsession of the “I”, that places a significance or judgment on those thoughts. Consciousness manifests as all thought, irrespective of the minds judgment of those thoughts. 


As a result of judgment, the mind decides that it is a “good” thought, or a “bad” thought, a “loving” thought, or a “hateful” thought, a “creative” thought, or a “destructive” thought.  While a thought does have a certain amount of influence on creating our subjective experience of life (to the degree we are identified to that thought), it has no bearing of influence on the objective world.  Your thoughts do not create reality; they do not influence the world of form and phenomena.


Trying to change your thoughts or thinking, is like trying to change the flow of a river, or currant of the Ocean.  Since consciousness does not consider one thought to be higher or lower than another thought, why would WE want to change our thinking? 


The intention of meditation as a practice is to begin to realize that you are not your mind, nor, are you the contents of your mind.  This perplexes many new meditators who imagine they must stop, change or eliminate the thinking process. This misunderstanding of the mind, clearly deludes, confuses and misleads many who create and pursue certain spiritual paths or philosophies.


Meditation is a tool to remove the obstacles of our identification, in this case our thoughts and thinking.  The main cause of our suffering is not the kind of thoughts we have, but our identification to those thoughts.  Our identification to our thoughts, our thinking and our believing, distracts us, misleads us, and overwhelms us.  You are not your thoughts.  You are the one who is having those thoughts; thoughts happen to you or on you (or not), they are not you.


As we become more and more detached to our thoughts and the thinking process, life becomes more effortless.  We experience a subjective freedom that allows us to thrive in the objective world.  The freedom we sought was never out there, but in fact, in here.  This freedom is based on a fundamental shift in our attention from our thoughts, which appear to be things, to simply witnessing those thoughts, without identifying with the thoughts.  When we no longer identify ourselves too, or as those thoughts, we create the space for our real Self to emerge.  We no longer listen to the noise or nonsense of those thoughts. YOU are not your thoughts; YOU are the ONE who is having those thoughts.  YOU are not your thoughts; YOU are the ONE who is thinking those thoughts. 


Who is the thinker? 


Who is the ONE who is having those thoughts?




Notice a thought.


Now; notice another thought.


Notice the space before and after a thought.


Notice the thought arises and subsides, it comes and it goes.


Notice that you are having that thought; notice that the thought is happening to you, or on/in you.


Notice this thought; that thought; and all thoughts.


Notice which thoughts you identify with and to.



When you are most happy, when you feel the greatest freedom, how are you relating to your thoughts?


When you are feeling confused and depressed, how do you relate to your thoughts?


Notice how you feel about some thoughts.


Who is it that is feeling? 

Who is it that is thinking? 

Who is it that is notices?     



Is it time for you to change the inner conversation you’re listening to?



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