ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #70
February 12, 2010


Try shredding new trails in life.


External change is instigated by first experiencing internal change.  Silence cultivates the space for not only new, inspired ways of thinking and being, but also provides the necessary ingredients to trigger transformation at its most primordial level ~ where all creation arises from and subsides to.  Every dream begins with stillness, every desire ~ quietude. 

Extended commentary:

All “personal change” has the potential to be facilitated by the focus of your attention; as a shift in your attention.  To create the space for a shift in awareness, you need to shift the focus of your attention from the foreground of your life experience to the background of your Being.

Awareness will shift naturally and spontaneously, irrespective of the “I” mind and its agendas; however, a little focus of attention; a shift in “your” attention, can prepatorily provide the environment or ingredients necessary for a needed change to occur.  The end result might look like a new or different choice; an actual change, but it’s always preceded by a shift of attention, anchored and nurtured by a deep appreciation and reverence towards stillness. 

You don’t really need to focus on the choices you have to make in life; they are irrelevant.  You don’t need to worry about what decisions that need to be made, or not.  Be still with your attention.  Find the silence.  And in the silence you’ll find a knowing. 

 What more do you really need? 

What more can you ask for than the ability to know the right response to every situation, as it occurs?   

 Prior to a shift of attention there is a silent space or gap.  Spend time in that gap.  Notice that gap with your attention, become familiar with that gap through your attention.  The gap is your connection to eternity, a portal of possibility. It is the doorway to the infinite; a doorway to freedom from the mind and all its delusions.  Don’t waste your attention on this and that; be mindful of where you place your attention.  Notice where you fixate your attention; notice where you seem to lose yourself in that attention.

Most people waste their attention on this and that.  We become addicted to this and that and we lose awareness of the Gap and the ever present connection we always have to the Gap.  To harness your attention is to unleash your freedom; the freedom to place your attention where it calls you, where it whispers or speaks to you.  It is the freedom to focus on something or everything.  It is the freedom to focus on nothing.

When you stabilize your attention to stillness, you’ll realize the paradox of change; you’ll realize that no change was necessary.  You’ll realize that it was only your attention that needed shifting; to become more aware of the ever present stillness; to become aware of the ever present background of Being that is the foundation of your Being. 

 And most of all; most importantly; you’ll become aware of the One who is attentive to all of it and none of it.  You’ll become aware of the nothingness of it all, including the you, you imagined yourself to be; including the you that so desperately wanted and needed the choice, the change and the transformation…  

What choices can you make that will lead to new directions of growth and transformation?


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