The mechanics of synchronicity…
March 15, 2008

The Universe is in constant communication with us.  This eternal conversation of unbounded clues and cues, a resource of energy and information, is freely available to anyone whose attention is lively, and can be used in any moment to support us as we navigate the varied terrain of our life.  When the mind and body are quiet, when we are attentive to those clues and cues, we have the ability to navigate decisions and choices in the moment, we have the ability to make the “right” response to every situation as it occurs…

Most human beings are unfortunately distracted into the noise and nonsense of the foreground of life that overshadows the innate, inherent connection we all have to the mystery of our existence and Who We Are.  It is very common for those pursuing the path of awakening to experience a noticeable increase and occurrence in meaningful coincidence or synchronicity in their life. 

While many may discount coincidence or perceive synchronicity as somewhat of unnatural phenomena, it is in fact a normal and perfectly natural experience. It is a capacity that can be cultivated and enhanced for the benefit of oneself and the lives you touch. While many dream of more “personal conversations with God”, we must be willing to recognize that the Universe has infinite ways of communicating the necessary information to those who are willing to receive it; most of them are non verbal.  You don’t need to be an advanced psychic or adept to experience “your own personal conversation with God”.  There are however a few principles that if practiced can help elevate the experience, expression and understanding of synchronicity in your life, to open up the most meaningful conversation you will ever have.  

Principle #1     There is no separation, there is no distinction.  Everything is Consciousness, nothing exists outside of Consciousness. 

The “I” imagines that it and others are separate, distinct expressions of the creative process that exist independently from all other things, causes and conditions.  The “I” assumes and asserts its independence and, through the psychology of the mind, projects itself falsely “as an island” into the world of form and phenomena.  In order for “something” to occur in the Universe the entire Universe must conspire for that “something” to happen or not.  Nothing exists independently of its causes or conditions. 

 Our existence is orchestrated with infinite finesse and correlation; everything is correlated with everything else.  Consciousness is defined by interdependence not independence.  Synchronicity reflects back to us the symptoms of this connection and correlation.  Synchronicity is a Universal whisper; a hint and invitation to surrender and engage the flow.  

Principle #2     Resist the temptation to identify and take ownership of your perceived reality. 

When the magic of synchronicity begins to express itself in your life, the “I” might be tempted to assume that it is the cause of such phenomena.  Within the web of creation, all events, people and things dance in the light of “the creative process”.  The mirage of the phenomenal world is so strong that the “I” will attempt to take ownership of circumstances, situations, people and things; it will imagine that it can influence or control what appears to be “reality”.  

Conventional reality is based on things.  Absolute reality is based on a web of information and energy, the idea of “one” substance not two.  The “I” has no independent ability unto itself to create or influence a thing; ideas, thoughts, motivations, actions, inspiration, creativity or genius itself while appearing as “I” manufactured, actually only “occurs” or “happens” to the “I”.   The “I” receives the impulse of the idea, thought, motivation, action or inspiration and then falsely claims ownership where there is none. 

You are the one who is having a desire, the desire is not you.  You are the one who is having the idea, the idea is not the real you.  You are the one who is being inspired, engaging creativity, or demonstrating genius; you are neither the art nor the genius who created the art, they are contained within you.   The expression of synchronicity can be enhanced by acknowledging that “you” are simply a thread within a vast web of existence.  You are the recipient and benefactor in a Universe where there is no source.  Are you ready to listen?

Principle #3     Become clear, aware and detached around the most important and meaningful intentions “you” have for your life. 

The mind is a valuable tool to use when clarifying what is meaningful and important.  When “your” mind is synchronized to the mind of the “Universe” your desires become the desires of the Universe.  When “your” mind is calibrated to the mind of the “Universe” your ideas, dreams and inspirations become the ideas, dreams and inspirations of the “Universe”.  Nourish and cultivate the intentions and desires “you” have for “your” life.  The impulse of every idea, dream and inspiration “you” have is the very life throb of the Universe expressing through “you”, “as you”.    

Principle #4     Life is an opportunity to nurture the value of relationship; “one” relationship with many flavors.

As you nurture the value of relationship in your life, beginning with your Self, you will recognize the primary vehicle for the expression of synchronicity in your life.  Through your connection to people, places and experiences you will gain the necessary information, ideas, insights and opportunities to elevate your life experience to more intimate levels of experience.  Through people, places and experiences doorways will be opened and closed revealing the necessary information to elevate your life experience.  

Principle #6     Seek happiness outside the experience of another’s approval or disapproval.

As long as you continue to defer yourself to some external source or power, you will continue to suffer.  Learning to appreciate and cultivate the innate connection you have to the Universe where all your needs are met allows you to relinquish the need to depend on another’s approval or disapproval for your needs to be met. 

Principle #7     Synchronicity provides the opportunity to experience inspiration, fulfillment or closure to circumstances, situations, experiences and events in your life.

You are the source of both suffering and joy in your life.  When you take responsibility for recognizing that you are not your thoughts, memories, emotions, perceptions and associations you will experience profound levels of detachment that provide the subjective experience of freedom you have been looking for.  Synchronicity provides the preamble for inspiration, fulfillment or closure to be expressed in your life. 

Principle #8     Synchronicity opens new doorways of possibility; your “next step” in life. 

Within any moment there are perceivable and unperceivable choices to be made.  The “I” cannot fathom nor formulate the outcome of any experience.  The “I” can only ever speculate a projection.  Engaging the element of synchronicity in ones life is an opportunity to step into a field of infinite possibilities that could never be anticipated by the “I” mind.  However uncertain the moment may be, synchronicity is a cue or clue to unlock a doorway to infinitely more dynamic possibilities that could never be imagined. 

Principle #9     Synchronicity provides greater levels of clarity and conviction to the ever changing, ever evolving meaning and purpose of your life. 

The body-mind is hardwired to organize chaos within the heart of a Universe whose essence is chaos.  Synchronicity provides the body/mind with a reference point, the milestones and weigh stations of integration that allow you to navigate your life experience with more effortless ease.  In a Universe that can never be rationally defined, the expression and experience of synchronicity in your life provides you with a glimpse of eternity and the infinite organizing power of consciousness; an inheritance, your birthright.  

Principle #10     Synchronicity is an opportunity to investigate (ask questions) or integrate (”heal/transform”) premature thoughts, memories, emotions, associations and perceptions we have about the story our life and life in general.  Do they determine Who We Are or do they inform us to Who We Are?

In silence the mind remembers, the soul awakens.  When the mind and body are quiet attention settles into Self awareness.  You don’t have to figure it out.  In silence you can find what was never lost; everything will fall into place.  Everything you need is here and now.  Be playful when idea’s flicker into your awareness.  Allow; don’t judge.  Explore don’t resist.  Remain flexible and follow the thread of synchronicity in your life.  Embrace new information, new ideas and new ways of being to be expressed.  Reach into yourSelf; reach out to another.  The body-mind is an instrument that can easily become out of tune with love.  Take care of yourSelf, nurture yourSelf, become yourSelf.

“The perfect man has no self;

the spiritual man has no achievement;

the sage has no name.”

Chuang Tzu       

Meaningful Coincidence and Synchronicity…
March 13, 2008

… The experience and expression of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence in our life is an important affirmation or milestone in the direction our life is heading.  A few of us have decided to pursue directions and paths in life that fall outside of the “normal” conventional way of living, thinking, being and doing.  We have many labels, philosophies or teachings that contribute to this inner transformation that vary, but synchronicity is a common thread that appears in the canvas of our experience and the journey of restoring the memory of wholeness and inner perfection.   

Many of us have made choices to significantly and sometimes painfully change the way we do life.  Controversial decisions are made with regard to career, relationships and family that often rock the boat of our sanity in what we call a normal sane world.  Synchronicity and the enhanced experience and expression of this phenomena in our life, is a confirmation that the courageous choices, changes, decisions and commitments we have made; our attentiveness to following our inner voice, guidance or intuitions has opened a doorway to the magic and mystery of the art Being.   

Where the “I” only sees distinction, separation and the perceived laws of cause effect in life, synchronicity is an affirmation of the unspoken, interdependence of all things.  It is the realization that for any event, circumstance or situation to occur in life requires the cooperation of the entire Universe to happen.  It is the recognition and realization that all circumstance however meaningful or insignificant to the mind are ultimately orchestrated at a level and scope that is beyond the comprehension and reach of the “I” and mind. 

The personal has always wanted to become intimate with the impersonal.  Human beings have many attachments, expectations, rules and regulations around how this process will unfold or be experienced. Synchronicity is the whisper of a Universe that wants to attract our attention, to reveal what is already present within the scope of our attention and awareness.  When we choose to become more alert to the experience of meaningful coincidence or synchronicity in our lives, we do not need to be dependent on the prophets, priests, or teachings of others to embrace the intimacy we have hungered for. 

When we pay attention, notice, or investigate the occurrence of synchronicity in our life we have the ability to accelerate the restoration of Who We Are, while also engaging the flow of effortlessness ease to be experienced and expressed within our life.   

Recognition of the occurrence of synchronicity is a universal invitation for us to:  

Realize there is no separation, there is no distinction. 

Life is ultimately an opportunity to nurture the value of relationship that already exists, the interdependence and inter connectedness of all things. 

The importance and need of becoming more clear, aware and detached around the most important and meaningful intentions we have for our life. 

An invitation to practice or abandon the need for another’s approval or disapproval in order for us to be happy. 

The opportunity to experience inspiration and fulfillment, completion or closure to a circumstances, situations, experiences or events in our life. 

A new open doorway to possibilities of greater levels of the subjective experience of freedom; our “next step” in life. 

Greater clarity and conviction to the ever changing, ever evolving meaning and purpose of your life. 

An opportunity to investigate (ask questions) or integrate (“heal/transform”) premature thoughts, memories, emotions, associations and perceptions we have about the story our life and life in general.  Do they determine Who We Are or do the inform us to Who We Are?     

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