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November 27, 2009


There will always be someone ‘better’ than you. 

If you continue to compare, assess and evaluate yourself according to some external person or ideal, you’ll never create the space for your own success to be revealed through the value of Self-expression and Self-appreciation.  Your success is based on your ability to express your authentic Self without judgment.

Extended commentary:

Radical transformation is the ability and willingness to examine who you think you are in a “critical”, investigative way; with a dispassionate intention that in that examination and enquiry process “you’ll” become “clearer” if that thought, feeling, emotion, perception, association or memory is congruent with Who You Are. 

Ultimately there comes a time when every thought, feeling, emotion, perception, association and memory is recognized to be part of the illusion of “me”; the “me” and “you” that “we” imagine ourselves to be; for with that erroneous identification comes suffering.  The realization that there is no self that can be defined or based on thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations, memories or body/mind, provides the space and possibility for subjective freedom to occur.

Radical transformation is not about adding anything more to what you already are; if anything, it is the dismantling of who you thought you were, which creates the space for the “bigger” “you” to appear.  Stephen Wolinsky on speaking of “our perceived work” once said about the “work”:

“…is to destabilize the illusion of boundaries that produce the “experience” of a separate, individual self”

Walden III

The illusion of competitive “me” is a boundary and obstacle; both on an individual and collective level and is a survival based way of being.  All thinking, being, doing and having are based on an attempt to game ones life experience; to survive in better or more sophisticated ways.  The mechanics are straightforward in their stratagy: if I think particular thoughts “I” will be able to survive in a better way; if “I” be a certain way “I” will improve the quality of my experience; if “I” do a particular thing, I will achieve a particular outcome, and if “I” have this or that, “I” will be more happy.

While the mechanics of this approach may appear to work on the level of the mind and out there in the world of form and phenomena, there can be no causal connection with this approach when it comes to finding out Who We Are. This competitive, tribal based way of being will simply contribute to the experience and expression of greater, unmatched levels of individual and collective suffering.     

What benefit do you receive by assessing, evaluating or comparing yourself to others?


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