The art of revelation, not mastery…
February 19, 2008

This entry is NOT about revelations in the bible!   

 I’m not interested in speculating or projecting the kind of rhetoric or vitriol usually associated with this particular tract of the bible… 

I’m going to ask you to pause the “play” button on the story of what you tell yourself, what you have been told and what you think spirituality is all about.  I’m requesting you examine for yourself, perhaps for the first time, if you really believe your divinity is based on something that has to be earned, gained or achieved, through some degree of meditative practice, merit, asana, mudra or pose.  I’m going to suggest that all disciplines and mastery’s, however challenging, fulfilling, or entertaining are musings of the mind and body only.   

 I am going to ask you too consider for a moment that true spirituality has nothing to do with what you put into your mouth [food], or what comes out of your mouth [words].  That your divinity (spirituality) has nothing to do with the color of your skin, who you’re sleeping with or whether you are an atheist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jew.   

I’m not interested in perpetuating the idea that if you change your thoughts you can change your reality ~ that spirituality itself, is about being positive and loving and not having a negative thought.  I’m not going to “drop you off” at some weigh station on your imagined journey to the divine that suggests if you master a secret or law of attraction you will have the perfect little life.   

You can decide for yourself what kind of lifestyle you want to live, but we need to be very clear that living a lifestyle has nothing to do with finding out Who You Are.  While that lifestyle may be nice, comfortable, safe or fulfilling, all lifestyles are maintained and enhanced by the existence of an “I” that thinks and feels; that has memories, associations, perceptions, ideas, beliefs, rules, regulations and concepts about the idea of Spirituality and divinity, which have nothing to do with Spirituality or your present, all pervading, divinity. 

I’m going to suggest that your divinity is independent of all these concepts, that your divinity is all together “above” your mind; that the divine is their before your thoughts, during your thought and after your thoughts.

I’m going to suggest that most of us marginalize our true Self and our innate divinity as well as the ever present divinity of others because we focus our attention on the foreground of what is conventional reality, the outer world of phenomena and form.  As a result of our external focus, we loose touch with the innocence that constantly thrives in the marginalized background of absolute reality.    

I’m interested in your attention; I’m interested in where you place your attention!  Is your attention in the noise and drama of your life?  Have you lost yourself in the story of your experience and your idea’s of what you think spirituality is or is not? Do you believe that your divinity and Spirituality is something that needs to be mastered, that you need to pass certain levels of completion, to finally reach a place of purity and perfection that only a “chosen” few have or can realize? 

I’m going to ask you to consider for a moment that all of this is of the mind only, that the simplicity of a quiet mind and still body is so overlooked, so marginalized by the distraction, hysteria and story of our lives and the nonsense of what is described as spiritual truth, that we blindly ignore the doorway to eternity and our true freedom.  

Is it so outrageous to suggest that your innate divinity and your ability to know yourSelf requires no effort, no knowledge, no understanding, no practice, no mastery, no time, no theology, no amount of Spiritual purification to be recognized or realized? 

Who You Are is has nothing to do with what you have achieved or not achieved in life.   

Who You Are has nothing to do with the level or tenure you may or may not have reached in your so called spiritual practice.    

Who You Are is something to be revealed…  

it can never be gained, 






l o s t . . .   

 …You wander from room to room

hunting for the diamond necklace

that is already around your neck! 

~ Djalal ad-Din Rumi   


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