After Thought #37
August 21, 2010


A lot of people think that spirituality is about MORE: having more, getting more, doing more, knowing more, understanding more, seeing and experiencing more, even loving more.  Nothing could be farther than the truth.

Spirituality has nothing to do with having more or getting more.  A good example of this confusion is a teaching like the “law of attraction”.  This particular [i]dea about spirituality which resurfaced over the last decade with a shiny new coat of painting has become very popular in spite of the flaw of its inherent, narcissistic root based on infantile fantasy and projection. 

Based on an earlier conceptual [i]dea of, “we create our reality” or what is also popularly called “co-creation”, most fail to recognize that all “Laws” are created by the mind and not some universal power [out there]. 

More obvious yet, if [we] are to accept our greatest teachers insight; those who have [reached] some [degree] or [level] of [awakening ~ realization], it is very clear, if only at a cognitive level of understanding, that there is no separation, there is only perceived separation. 

It is very clear that there is no separate, individual, distinct entity that exists separate from every other entity.  There is only a perceived separate, individual that appears to see and feel its own distinction. 

In “its” imagined state of separation, the “I” appears to live its life, with its own independent existence; in search of something else; something more: be it more happiness, more success, more Love or more freedom.  There lies an unrecognized, underlying [pathology] of separation that leads to a viewpoint that thinking more, being more, having more and doing more will somehow provide some sort of liberation; a perception based on and driven by a concept of duality.  Driven by an imagined wound of separation, which “I” would not want to have more, get more, experience more or love more? 

Bound by the limits of its own [personal] thinking and feeling, which “I” would not be lead to imagine that by gaining more understanding, more knowledge or more love, one could conceivable, if only for a moment, replace an imagined lack with some substitution; creating a higher, greater, or more perfect degree of fulfillment, meaning and satisfaction within ones life?   

Only it doesn’t!

The feeling of a [personal] absence of love cannot be filled with any substitution for that perceived absence, including love itself.  The feeling or the belief in the absence of success, knowledge, understanding, power, creativity or any listed gain that exists within the language game, cannot be replaced by more of the same.  

The “I” doesn’t, and never will create a replacement for something that never existed in the first place.  Satisfaction and fulfillment will never fill a pursuit of more which is driven by a perceived void of less.  This approach at most is only a temporary reprieve, a momentary pause in quelling a perceived hunger that lives inside.   

In the quiet of the night, in a moment of complete and brutal honesty, it can be seen that whatever substitute might be used, a [personal] more of anything, does not provide the [personal] something we have been looking for.  While more money, more sex, more drugs, more alcohol and even more meditation or spirituality may ease and mask the perceived pain and suffering that exists within; attracting or getting more of what [you] want in life will never lead to finding out Who You Are.

Don’t get me wrong. 

Life will always contain pleasure and pain, its dichotomy is inherently woven into the garment of existence.  It can be appreciated for what it is, while recognizing Who We Are.

Radical Spirituality recognizes the seductions of these teachings for what they are: conceptual ideas of spirituality that are based on a mind that perceives reality as duality.  “I” based thinking and spirituality will only, ever, bound the unbound. 

However seductive, the root of any spirituality based on ideas of the mind, the dogmas and philosophies, the ideas and the “laws” (including the words contained within this post) that come from a mind, will only lead to further struggle and suffering if used as a substitute for what was, is, and will always be.

 Prior to the idea of Spirituality lies an unspoken truth. 

Stay there.

Prior to the idea of having more or less; stay there.

Prior to the idea of getting and doing more; stay there.

Prior to the idea of knowing and understanding more; stay there.

Prior to the idea of seeing more or experiencing more; stay there

Prior to the idea of more or less…

stay there!

ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #73
March 12, 2010

There is only perfection. 

 Life will become effortless to the degree you are aware of your own inner perfection.  As you learn to cultivate this inner perfection by becoming aware of it, you will open the doorway to see an outer perfection that has always been present.


Extended commentary:

Perfection cannot be found by the mind.  By its nature the mind can only see duality; the mind thrives in the field of polarity.  In the binary of up and down, in and out, right and wrong, good and bad, happy and not happy, the mind can only ever fixate its perception of reality through the filters of patterns, judgments, assumptions, associations and memories; perceptions of reality that might appear to be true to at the level of the filter and a mind that is bound by its self engendered thinking.

A mind that is bound by its own content can never be free from its content.  A mind that thinks from its own conceptual level cannot escape from its conceptual level.  As long as “you” are standing only at the level of the mind there will be no perfection.  If you stand only in the mind, chances are you will think and identify yourself only as the mind. Likewise, if you are standing only in your emotions, chances are you will think and identify yourself only as your emotions.  You are not your mind and you are not your emotions, and you are certainly not the thoughts that appear “in” what you call the mind, which appear to create various states of the mind and emotions.

This confusion is clearly illustrated in many contemporary spiritual belief and psychological systems that spiritualize or demonize the thinking level.  All the “YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY TEACHINGS” are based on a number of erroneous precepts or assumptions, systems of thinking that try to create perfection at the level of the mind where there can be none.

You might think or have been told that thoughts create your reality, when in fact if you take the time to notice deeply the process of thinking you will begin to realize that first, something happens, and then the thought arises, first you appear, and then the thought arises.

The extreme delusion of this can be seen in the fixation and obsession that now occurs in the attempt to “BE POSATIVE”; because being “positive” is presumably better or more perfect than being negative.  This construct then spirals into the erroneous idea that if you’re positive you will create positive experiences or perfection in your life, as opposed to, if you’re negative, you will create negative experiences or imperfection in your life.

All of this is false.  Any interpretation of reality by the mind can only be an illusion, a story created to control the chaos that exists prior to creation.  Let me say it again; being positive or having positive or negative thoughts, has nothing to do with spirituality or finding out Who You Are.  And it certainly has no causal effect on the nature of reality as it expresses itself in the external worldly, dimension. 

At best, we could get away with saying that “being posative” or having a posative attitude may have a small influence on your inner subjective experience, which then appears to shape the perception and experience you have of your perceived, outer world.

If we look closely enough though, “we” will see that it is only because our attention is fixated on the foreground of life that all of these things appear to be true; when we withdraw our attention prior to the expression of this foreground, there is no foreground. 

Prior to the labeling of a thought, there is only an impulse that will eventually be labeled a thought.  Prior to the thought, there is no thought.  When there is an absence of thought and thinking, attention will reveal that even the thinker itself is an illusion.  If there is no thinker, how can a thought have any legitimate power?  How can an imagined thinker have any control over something that arises and something that will subside?

There is no causal relationship between thinking, having, being and doing, because thoughts are not things, they exist in language only, which appears to exists at the level of a so called mind.

The validity of your divinity has nothing to do with the kind of thoughts you have which occur at the level of the mind.  Any thought, good or bad, arises from the same place that ALL reality appears to “emerge” from.  At the level of the mind and later in the external world, there may be a labeling and judgment of whether a thought is good or bad; however, at the level of consciousness, they are equal. 

There is only “one” substance. 

Prior to the label or judgment of a thought as good or bad, it is just a thought or impulse, and prior to the thought or impulse, or after the thought or impulse subsides; you are.  So ignore the thought; your thoughts are irrelevant.  Place your attention not on the thought, but the thinker of that thought itself.  Notice the thinker. 

Don’t get lost in thought.  You cannot be “free” from thought if you do not notice the thinker that lies before, during, and after the thought.  Don’t try to change, fix or transform your thoughts; they have nothing to do with anything, especially Who You Are.  Prior to the idea of imperfection or even perfection, you are.  Stay there.    

Can you find the perfection in your life?

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