Who Creates?
November 21, 2008


It is a fact, there appears to be creation.  It appears there is nothing, and in that nothing, something appears.  In the end though that something will eventually dissolve back into the nothingness from whence it came.  What of it?


Only the “I” that imagines itself to be, see’s creation.  That you are a creator, the creation and the created is a surety; but it is not the you that you imagine yourself to be.  There can be no doer-ship or creation at the level of the “I” mind.  While the “I’ perceives and imagines itself as a creator; swinging in it’s contradictions, allegiance and ownership, from blame to praise, for all that happens; the “I” can only ever have a subjective experience of creation which has no baring on objective reality.


The seduction of “I create my reality” is an attempt of the “I” to organize its discomfort around the emptiness/space/chaos that appears as the Universe.  In that nothing it craves something.  The allegiance and need of the “I” for its creative principle, is an attempt of the primitive mind to imagine that it can survive in ever more sophisticated ways.  To entertain or face the Truth that there can be no personal will, volition or choice; an authorship of perceived reality; is to invite fear and potential crisis into that very reality.  The “I” will at once lose control over reality.


The “I” wants to be.  The “I” wants to live on forever.  The “I” wants to live out its agenda of being something, doing something, having something and creating something.  By attaching meaning and purpose, the “I” enhances and elevates its percieved existence as a separate, individual being with a past, a future, a vision, a mission, purpose and nature. 


The belief in co-creation provides a temporary solace to the “I” and its ongoing suffering; a false sense of security to its very illusion and demise.  This self engendered philosophy will never provide a permanent solution, safety or security to its ongoing ails and underlying need; a need to know the true nature of the “One Self”. 

Curving back…
January 27, 2008



Curving back within










creates again and again.













creates his mind,


with that mind








creates her body,


with that mind while in that body,








perceive and experience







add infinitum…






… In





s t i l l n e s s









q u i e t










j u x t a p o s i t i o n .






There is only a quiet sense of Being…

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