eEarth Week Challenge Day 7
April 29, 2010



 This is a story…



It’s a short story about a garden, and a Gardner named Sven.



For over 5 decades he has been a man of the Earth.  First he worked under it, [in the mines of Australia and Canada], and now he works on it [Vancouver and Whistler].



 For over 30 years, in uncomplicated ways, he has immersed himself with passion and care, love and devotion, tending the gardens of “others”. 




 With his touch, skill and attention the ordinary becomes extraordinary.




Sven, has a genuine, understated, concern for life that mostly goes unspoken. 




 There is great wisdom in his silence; there is joy in his understanding. There is peace in his work.



In the Earth, he has found awareness, purpose and freedom. 


 In the Earth, he has found patience and awe.  






 With a still, quiet intention, he goes about his business; come rain or shine…




Thank you Sven Hansen, for tending our garden!





There is a rhythm and flow to Nature, and life;

an essential rhythm that for most of us, appears to have been lost.

Our minds, our bodies and the Earth, are calibrated by this rhythm.

Everything, is an experience and expression of this rhythm and flow.


There is a time to prepare,

as there is a time to plant.

There is a time to tend,

as there is a time to grow.

There is a time to pause,

as there is a time to harvest,

all guided by this rhythm and flow.


Can you find this rhythm?

 Can you feel this rhythm?

 Can you remember this flow?




My life flows with rhythm and ease.

My breath, my life, my rhythm.


Every breath,

 Every moment,

 all rhythm.


I listen to my rhythm,

I feel my rhythm,

I touch my rhythm,


the rhythm.


Listen to your rhythm.

Celebrate your rhythm.

Trust your rhythm.

Experience the rhythm of mind, of body, of Earth.


The rhythm expands,

the rhythm contracts.

 Surrender to the rhythm,

I   A M .




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