After thought #16
January 8, 2010


Most human beings want something from each other, and in that wanting we suffer.  For every want there is an assumption, a projection of need; that we somehow lack something, that we are somehow incomplete.  In most cases, we want what we imagine and perceive we don’t have, and our attention is deprived from noticing what we do have. 

It’s easy to forget the background of Being, when we allow ourselves to be overshadowed by the wanting; when our attention becomes fixated on that wanting.  The only real solution to our perceived suffering, and the end to irrational wanting, is to bring the background of Being, to the foreground of our life, through the use of attention.

Presently, and for the most part, it’s easy to live life being caught up in the seductive foreground of our life experience, forever seeking the endless opportunities and desires, dreams and aspirations that life has to offer.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with these movements, as long as we don’t lose touch with our essence in that process; as long as those movements or impulses, do not lead us astray; as long as we do not get caught up in believing that it is the foreground of life that is itself real, thus distracting us from what actually is real, permanent and true ~ the background of Being.

We can drown ourselves in the wanting.  Radical transformation is to see things as they are, not as we imagine, want, or were told them to be.  Under the surface of wanting, can lie the perception of deep wounds of neglect, hurt, judgment and need.  It is not the object of our experience or circumstance, our want or need that must be reached, touched, experienced or had but instead, the wound of perceived separation that inherently drives innumerable quests that can fill a lifetime.

Often, in the desperation of our wanting; in our forgetfulness, we lose touch with the fact of our inherent perfection; we allow ourselves to be hypnotized by the circumstance of social conditioning. Our ultimate salvation lies not in thought or deed, understanding or belief, but in the realization of our essential core. 

Realization can never be stabilized when our focus is caught up in the story of our perceived imperfection, and an “I” that seeks to correct or change a moment of time that no longer exists.  Of necessity, our attention needs to be shifted from the story of our want, to the one who is wanting. 

As we settle our attention onto the one who is wanting, the one who is hurting, the one who is unloved, or the one who is in joy, pulling it even further back, prior to the want itself,  it is possible to notice that the real “you” is not the product of a projection, feeling or perception; the spell of wanting can be broken…

Insight #3 ~ ZEN Shredding…
July 1, 2008



Great dreams have an incubation period.

Sometimes your most important dreams and desires will take time to manifest. To let those dreams and desires unfold naturally and spontaneously, you need to be completely detached from the who, what, where, when, how and why of life.


Extended commentary:


The ZEN Shredding video…
February 13, 2008

In the spring of 2007, I was preparing a “fun”, alternative, addition to my programming for the annual Whistler Wellness week and wanted to try something a little more unconventional than my planned workshop lineup.  If you visit the link below, you will find an inspiring 13 minute slide-show with images, words and music that celebrates the joy of taking risks in life while pursuing our most important dreams, desires, and personal transformation. 
This slideshow was a precursor to what now has become the book “Zen Shredding: Insights, Questions and Confessions of a Meditator and Novice Snowboarder on the pursuit of dreams, inspiration, passion and change.” 
A note of importance; if you enjoy the slide-show, which in itself is a standalone project and would like to support the Zero Ceiling Society/Initiative please feel free to make a donation to their cause, by following the provided links. 
All proceeds from slide-show donations are given to Zero Ceiling. 
10% of net proceeds of the sale of my book Zen Shredding will also be donated to Zero Ceiling Society! 
Check out the available information on my site, surf to the Zero Ceiling Website.
Inspire yourSelf, inspire others by supporting this important project…
Enjoy the show…
michael sean Symonds


On Being change…
January 20, 2008

… here is an excerpt from my new book Zen Shredding, available sometime in early march!  I trust you will enjoy ~ stay tuned for more exciting suprizes!

 Ask your friends or acquaintances a simple question: how do you feel about change? In most cases it will open the door to conversations and stories that can include adventure and drama, joy and suffering and, depending on the emotional level or closure of the experience, many insights around this loaded word. As a teacher for personal growth, I have actively explored, avoided, pursued, cultivated and witnessed the element of change both in my own life and the lives of others for over two decades. In my own personal journey I continue a dance the dichotomy of this love/hate relationship. (more…)

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