eEarth Week Challenge: Day One…
April 23, 2010


Most of us leave very busy lives.  We’re easily and sometimes justifiably distracted by the “this” and the “that” of our daily lives… 

So; how was your Earth Day yesterday?  Did you get a chance to celebrate and reflect, acknowledge and investigate as to your present contributions or lack there of, towards the sustainability of your own life and the life of this planet?

Like most significant holidays or celebrations within cultures and societies, important dates like Lent, Ramadan, Yom Kippur; birthdays, Marten Luther day and Earth Day serve not only as reminders of the importance of specific commitments or ways of Being with which to live our lives, but also, opportunities to place our scattered individual and collective attention on events and areas of our life that often have deep, meaningful significance; that provide function and purpose in improving the quality of our life and others, that also share this Earth, our home.

I’ve decided that one day “token post” on my blog is really is not enough for me to fully consider or appreciate the implications of the uncertainty and urgency; the dearth of challenge that face us all, in creating more congruent ways of Being that support the sustainability of this planet. 

To this end I’ve decided this year to celebrate eEARTH Week; to devote seven additional days [and posts] to continue to acknowledge, reflect and investigate uniquely; to draw attention to, and create awareness of basic fundamental ideas that are needed to navigate this critical moment in time…


 I’ve forwarded this post and invitation to a few of my blog buddies, “I” invite you to do the same.  For the next seven days, in your own unique, creative ways; whether that be images, words or ideas of your own or another’s; use your venue of choice [it could be your own home and the simplicity of your own awareness] to bring attention to this moment, our Earth, and the awareness that is needed for meaningful, lasting, significant change.

How can you play?

[Facebook, Twitter, Blog or email] Inspire change: Provide a commentary or link; create a question, image or article that stimulates awareness, conversation or understanding of “Earth Week”; and its intention to continue to promote and bring awareness towards creating a just, sustainable and peaceful planet.

Forward this challenge to your own friends or readers:

If you do decide to play, I’ll do my best to add your link to my next 6 posts of “bloggers that want to play”…




I love words; words that inspire are very important for me.  They help recalibrate my focus; they help to point “me” in the “right” direction, when things seem confusing, when I appear to lose myself in self engendered thoughts that create confusion, conflict and doubt.


Around 4 years ago I was exposed to a document that has significantly changed the way I see and perceive my life.  It’s a series of words that have and continue to inspire “me” over and over again; to examine my own life and the way I live that life, and the impact it has with regards to my shared connection with the One humanity.

 “My” contribution to day one of eEarth Week, is to share some more words, but they are not my own.  I want to share the words of many that were created over two decades ago, by many 1000’s of people.  It is my hope that through exposure to their inspired words you might also be inspired. 

Welcome to the Earth Charter…

 Earth Charter Layout

 Please note: the above links to a PDF layout I designed for the Earth Charter document, and an Earth Charter project a few years ago…

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