eEarth Week Challenge Day 5
April 27, 2010


Has consumerism become the way to live your life?


Has it become your sacred ritual, to pacify a deeper

 hunger or perceived wound?


How far are you willing to go, how much are you

 willing to risk before you connect the details,

 before you see a bigger picture?


Watch the Story of Stuff…




 I’ve forwarded this post and invitation to a few of my blog buddies, “I” invite you to do the same.  For the next seven days, in your own unique, creative ways; whether that be images, words or ideas of your own or another’s; use your venue of choice [it could be your own home and the simplicity of your own awareness] to bring attention to this moment, our Earth, and the awareness that is needed for meaningful, lasting, significant change.

How can you play?

[Facebook, Twitter, Blog or email] Inspire change: Provide a commentary or link; create a question, image or article that stimulates awareness, conversation or understanding of “Earth Week”; and its intention to continue to promote and bring awareness towards creating a just, sustainable and peaceful planet.

Forward this challenge to your own friends or readers.



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