After thought #13
December 18, 2009


Radical transformation is about finding out Who You Are, which has everything to do with what you’re not!  We are deceived in believing that understanding the psychology of “I” and the success or failure of its performance in the world is spirituality, realization or finding out who you are.

If you’re interested in finding out who you are, why would you spend a lifetime trying to understand, improve, fix or change, the limits of a pseudo self that you take out into the world every day?

We can become so obsessed with changing, fixing, transforming the content of our experience under the guise of so called spirituality, that we lose ourselves to the conditioning of yet another experience, projection and desire of a false self and mind, that seeks something other than what is.

Why not place your attention directly on the one who perceives that experience, rather than the experience itself?

 Most would rather worship their own or someone else’s conceptual understanding of spirituality, rather than risk the journey of diving into the vast unknown, indescribable, probability of who they are.  This is why so few, ever stabilize “themselves” in essence; the complications of conceptual understanding, become the boundaries that bind the unbound.

 I am not the content of my experience, the “good” or the “bad”. 

What happens happens, or it doesn’t.  I already am what I am, I just don’t know it.  Changing my experience will not change Who I Am.  Experiences happen “on” me, not to me.  While it’s tempting, even pleasurable to imagine or in fact change the content of my experience, it only allows the psychology of “me” to be, more easily; it only provides a more comfortable lifestyle for the pseudo self to exist in, and in no way implies any marker or level of realization or achievement towards Who I Am.  I can spend my life searching, seeking and attempting to gain or achieve more experiential content, but it will not necessarily help or contribute to finding out Who I AM…

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