Extinction as Evolution…
November 2, 2008

Extinction is the key element in the role of our evolution, an active ingredient and force of creativity on the present moment.  This unbridled, spontaneous expression often manifests itself as the ashes of perceived or very real destruction during ones lifetime.  In the fire of this extinction, destruction is transformation, ignited by an ever present friction that exists between what was, what is, and what can potentially be.


In the midst of this creative process, this extinction, this transformation; there are periods of transition between what was known and unknown; brief pauses in no mans land where there are no frames of reference, no references to frame. 


During these moments of pause, it comes down to one simple choice: to survive or perish.  To seek refuge in the illusion of the past or to be present with what is, and, in the allowing of this fear, also find courage to take steps, in spite of this fear.  In this moment, there is a dance between who we were, and an open invitation to be present to Who We Are. 


In this emergence, this birth, what was known loses all meaning.  What once gave purpose, function and meaning to our lives; a fleeting moment of peace and security, evaporates, distilled and extinguished in the fires of transformation, and the emergence of the new, now. 


This potential becoming is all-ways completely fresh and new, the consummate expression of our authentic Self in the present moment now.  While the future may hold great angst or the promise of a better tomorrow, it is the uncertainty of the present moment that must be embraced.  It is the present moment that must be experienced fully to be traversed.  The past is a memory, the future a possibility; but it is the present moment that we must die to and in this allowing, become. 


A step will inevitably be taken, or not.  A choice will be made, or not.  While the mind looks to the outside for confirmation, affirmation, validation; a blind trust of what lies within must first be embraced.  The extinction and annihilation of what was must be unhindered and complete in its totality.  Transformation demands a loss, for the radically new to appear. 


The price of our past is the prerequisite to surrender; all imaginings, all conditionings, all self engendered ideas and thoughts must be examined, questioned and discarded.  In this offering, there can be no sentimentality, no attachment, and no favoritism to the process.  The birth and emergence of the One Self, demands the sacrifice of a small self; of who and what we imagined that self to be.   


When we deny this path, this journey, this evolution; when we resist the deepest urges of the One Soul to manifest, clearly, effortlessly, authentically into the world of form and phenomena, there is stagnation, indifference, decay and decline.  And even though we may imagine the loss of ourselves to even this turmoil, this suffering and this story; this to shall come to pass; out of disorder comes order.  From the pangs of our own ignorance, confusion, fear and doubt, the seeds of truth and better tomorrow have been planted…







(c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


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