Insight #32 ZEN Shredding…
January 28, 2009



There is only one purpose ~ the continued expansion of happiness. 



According to preference or skill, green, blue and black are flavours to be enjoyed and indulged at will.


Extended commentary:


Most anything we do, is done out of a need or motivation for happiness.  We spend our lives in the pursuit of happiness.  I think it’s fair to say that the element of happiness changes as we navigate the terrain and journey of our life; as we ourselves change.  What brought me happiness ten years ago may not provide me with the juice that I seek and search for now..


The pursuit of happiness is often marked by a significant shift from what we thought would bring us happiness, to what actually allows us to realize happiness.  Much of our life is spent discovering that what we thought would bring us happiness [conditioning] actually does not; simply due to the fact that it was based on an erroneous belief to begin with.


Many of the strategies and concepts around personal growth and “spiritual pursuit”, are based on the process of unraveling, discovering and finding what is truly meaningful and fulfilling to us at our core; the clarity of recognizing those goals, intentions, desires, dreams and things, that speak most deeply to us, that we consider to be inherent extensions of our inner world and being. 


This being said; we are often cautioned by the purest of wisdom traditions to recognize that true happiness cannot be found in things, that we will suffer if we depend upon, or rely solely upon, things to provide us with happiness.  While there may be a certain level of happiness to be found in things, they are impermanent, and will therefore never provide us with a lasting happiness that we seek. 


The suggestion instead, is to pay attention to the part of us that remains unaffected and unchanging, in a world that appears to always affect and change; too seek everlasting happiness or bliss in the Self.  Happiness is always found in things that come and go; but everlasting or bliss can be found for those who seek happiness within the Self.


I have spent most of my life in the pursuit of happiness.  I have experienced much joy, discovery, meaning and fulfillment as I passionately pursued not only the things, but also the Self. What I am noticing of late, is that personal happiness however successful, is meaningless ~ dare I say irrelevant,  unless you have the opportunity to also share it with others in some way.  And in our ability to share it: the gifts, the talents, the resources and the Self with others, we only amplify the depth and experience of happiness, one hundred fold…




Do you surround yourself with people and

experiences that nurture happiness?




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