ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #35
February 24, 2009



Look out for death cookies. 




It’s unreasonable to think that bad things don’t happen to good people.  Life will constantly throw curve balls that sometimes bring you to a dead stop.  You can never be prepared for these moments, but you can alleviate them with practiced recovery and self care, recalibrating yourself to an appropriate level of balance.



Extended commentary:


One thing I have learned while “on the path” is the importance, value and magic of surrounding yourself with people who truly care about you.  I have met and befriended many people over my lifetime, and of course like most, have an extended circle of “friends” and acquaintances that ebb and flow through the story of my life.


I am very grateful to say that I also have had the good fortune to have had a few very close friends, at various points in and over my life (that can be “count on one hand”) who I have felt an understanding and rapport with on the deepest of levels.  Without exception, it has been a select few women who have been the greatest and most formative of all role models in my life, providing the unconditional love, understanding and acceptance that I have sought and hungered for all my life.


What is interesting to me is that my “closest few”, are not necessarily in my life 24-7.  It is a rarity that they even live in the same town; and yet, in spite of distance and even the regularity of time spent, I can have conversations and sharing’s with those friends that fill me up for months at a time.


I once heard a definition of “intimacy” as IN-TO-ME-SEE.  Much of my early life was the experience of an unfulfilled quest in the finding of deeper levels of intimacy within my relationships to others. As I began the journey within, something shifted; as I became more intimate in the knowing of my own Self, and all the self appeared to be, I began to “bump into” others who also began to mirror to me the deeper levels of intimacy, commitment, and ownership they had, in the knowing of their own Self.


It is a rarity to bump into, and then develop a friendship with someone who can be present with you emotionally ~ just as you are.  To have at least one person in your life who has the capacity to witness your life, is truly, a gift.  When and if it happens, when someone simply shows up and is willing to risk hearing and honoring you in the details of your story as equally in your joy, and as much, in your “pain”; you will finally feel seen and heard, perhaps for the first time, and it is through that honoring that you then feel witnessed.  In the innocence of this witnessing, there is a total acceptance of “you” and “your experience” as, and in spite of what is within that experience.


In these moments when and where you are truly accepted and valued for your Beingness only, the space for something much greater occurs;  in these very special moments, and in these very special relationships, the space is created for both love to be found and for love to unfold; and for this we can feel truly blessed…   




Do you have a reliable support system of people and practices that nurture you to the depths of your Soul?


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