13 Steps to Synchronicity… Y = #13
April 21, 2008

 Know YourSelf in the now… 


We are all in the process of awakening, even deep sleep is considered to be a partial expression of awareness with potential.  To be clear; there are many strategies that elevate the quality of our life experience, that allow us to live life in more “successful” ways.  We can go as far to say that spirituality and psychology are in most cases, strategies to live life with the intention of more peace, harmony and happiness.


There are endless strategies that fall under endless umbrellas: personal, work, political, social, environmental, religious and yes, spiritual strategies i.e. “the law of attraction”.


The spoken says that adopting, learning, practicing and following these strategies will help us to live life with more fulfillment, joy and meaning; ideas and practices we should not minimize or dismiss.  The unspoken suggests that while these strategies may work to various degrees of success, they inherently have nothing to do with Who We Are.


Who We Are has nothing to do with our past or our understanding of the past.  Who We Are has nothing to do with the denial of the past or its “healing”.  Who We Are has nothing to do with the church we go to, the meditation practice we use or how many years we’ve been practicing it. 


To dig a little deeper; Who We Are has nothing to do with whether we are a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Jew.  Who We Are has nothing to do with being a man or women, Saint or sinner, teacher or student.  Being clear, confused, authentic, generous, and evil or living your life with meaning and purpose also, has nothing to do with Who You Are.


It does not matter if you love yourself or hate yourself, because it has no effect or baring on your true Self ~ Who You Are.  You can be very successful or poor, the most joyous person in the world or the most unhappy person in the world and it will still make no difference to Who You Are.  All these things are expressions, experiences and understandings that happen or do not happen to the body/mind or “I”.



The “I” that believes that it exists in time and space, that it is separate from all the other body/minds or “I’s” that also exist.  It believes that it has a will and that it can make things happen, it lives in a world where the “I” must be the victor or vanquished. 


All these things are expressions, experiences, preferences or understandings of the “I”, body/mind.  They are organizations that the “I” belongs to, experiences that happen to the “I”, beliefs, ideas, values, discriminations, choices, judgments, concepts and strategies that the “I” has bought into and believes.  They are life styles, choices and practices of the “I”, body/mind.


The Self is independent of your experienced past or imagined future; it thrives in the “present moment now”, where past and future do not exist.  The Self needs no concepts or strategies to be or not be; it needs no healing and can never be lost.


To be more clear;


You already are what you want to be. 

The “one” Self lives in the now.

You are that “single” Self, beyond all ideas that were, are and to come.

The Self comes from nowhere and goes nowhere.

The Self is timeless, therefore you are timeless.

The Self is not born, therefore you are not born.

If you are timeless and unborn, you cannot die.


First, you imagine…


Then you create a path or process, a story of how you will return to the perfection that was never lost, the perfection of Who You Are…


The Self is the concept of synchronicity and it is not the concept of synchronicity.

The Self is Who You Are.


“You need not remember in order to be…” 

You cannot become what you already are…”

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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