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June 30, 2011


















































































































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Just released ~ “Something…”
June 19, 2011


Dear friends!

I’m very excited to share with you my latest Title and first colaboration!


” S o m e t h i n g “


I had the honor of co-creating this project with an amazing Photographer and friend Laureen G Pentelescu… “Something” is a prose poem that endeavours to point to the timeless, inspiring mystery and magic we call Spirit ~ to something that lies beyond the thinking mind.

Selectively illustrated with twenty breathtaking, full coloured images; Laureens unique vision and vibrant compositions escort the reader and each verse of “Something” with dexterity and genious.

 And, to make things even more exciting, I’ve produced a short, inspiring video, that includes a sneak peak at some of the words and images you’ll find in the book!  It’s all wrapped up in a song that really inspired me, called “Picture in My Head” by an American Indie Band called Household Names…

Please enjoy the fruits of our labour : )




AND, for a Sneak Peek inside the book ~ Click below…


   Something . . .
By L G Pentelescu
     M S Symonds


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