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August 21, 2009


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Switch is the only way to ride in life!

 Through conditioning and fear, we imagine that there is only one way to live life, one way to see, one way to be, one way to “do” life.  There are no formulas, no plans, and no universal methods that work for everybody, the same way, the same time.  Flexibility, versatility and diversity of styles, experience, approaches and ways of being, provide the foundation for a life of simplicity and ease.

Extended commentary:

 Life happens…

 Sometimes experiences occur in life that are opposite to the “up” in life that most of us desire, seek or attach ourselves obsessively too; we want the more of the “good” and the “happy” and less of the “pain” and the “suffering”; and then life happens! 

I want to be clear in saying upfront that I know longer believe that the “Universe” provides us with experiences in the form of “lessons” for growth, learning or evolution.  With a little awareness and deconstruction, it is easy to see this is simply an anthropomorphic projection of the mind onto reality that has no basis in truth what so ever, in either material conventional world or what we deem to be “the spiritual world”. 

While we can learn and do “learn”, there is no external power forcing us to learn. While we can and do “grow”, transformation or evolution of consciousness is not forced or placed upon us as some hidden agenda to our experience.

At a much deeper level, we give meaning and understanding to our experience as a result of psycho/biological response of our nervous system (the old-brain) which is hardwired to organize chaos (survive).  This impulse is picked up by our more sophisticated new brain which creates a story or reason as to why something happened or is happening to us; a selective speculation and interpretation of the mind on our so called reality, that occurs in space time after the experience has occurred. 

When spiritualized with a more abstract projection, we create collective philosophies and belief systems such as Karma to explain the unexplainable, to organize the discomfort of chaos that appears to be the heart of our existence.

In my on life, especially over the last year, I been have faced a series of very challenging experiences: loss of day job, loss of place to live, the premature death of a very dear friend and the end of a new friendship that “I” had placed a great deal of meaning, importance, and value on.  When the mind is “forced” into an experience of reality that falls outside the day to day flow and routine; the ease of a safe and tidy life, our old brain often kicks in automatically into its flight, fight, freeze, response in order to “handle” the stress of that change and discomfort of the unknown. 

Experiences that are perceived to be, or become a threat to our immediate intentions, trigger a response mechanism within the body/mind that occurs at a pscho/bilogical level and our body/mind reverts and resorts to “handling” the situation as it has been hardwired (flight, fright, freeze) or conditioned (diverse set of conscious and unconscious coping mechanisms adopted and learned since birth).  Since there is no separation between the body and mind, our very thinking can and will in most cases become survival orientated. 

The degree of perceived threat or stress will trigger a series of biological responses in order to cope with the perceived danger to our well being: heart rate and blood pressure will increase, blood will be redirected to our muscles, prepared for the clotting of platlets, breathing will quicken, masive amounts of adrenalin and the stress hormones cortisal and norepinephrine will be dumped into our bloodstream.  Attention will become narrow, focused, skewed to sensory based stimuli.  We will sweet!  

Momentary activation of the stress response when needed is essential i.e. avoiding that pedestrian who just stepped out into your vehicles pathway, but prolonged exposure to stress as a result of environmental or situational circumstance is highly detrimental to our well being on all levels and can contribute to a weakened immunity, the provocation of “shock” or “trance” like states, addictive behaviors and the surfacing of depression or psycho/emotional disease within our body/mind. 

Chronic stress is now considered to be a contributing factor and ground from which many of our contemporary and most challenging physiological disorders can develop including: coronary heart disease, anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders, heart attack, strokes and various expressions of cancers and addictions.

The regular, consistent practice of meditation is considered by many to be an excellent tool to help navigate the day to day challenges that occur as part of life’s expression.  Some of the most exciting information continues to surface with regard to the impact of a meditative lifestyle as an antidote to stress. 

Many studies over the years have indicated that with regular meditation there comes: decreased heart rate, normalization of blood pressure, reduction of stress hormones and an overall strengthening of the immunity system.

Through meditation, we have the ability to access stability while in the midst of the chaos.  The once illusive stillness of a quiet mind can reveal the necessary experience and wisdom to enhance our ability to navigate the day to day activities and challenges that often seem to overwhelm and derail the expression and experience of overall well being. 

While stress may distract and derail the expression of our essence, meditation reveals what was there all along, behind the guise of nonsense and drama that may be occurring in our life.  Through meditation we elevate the having and doing of life, from a place of Being…      


Is there another way of seeing, being or doing your life?


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