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April 29, 2017

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September 17, 2009



In the beginning,

it’s ALL about the mind,

it feels and seems that it’s all-ways about the mind,

and it’s all about “you”.


There is seduction and perceived safety in the mind;

the knowing and the not knowing,

and the you.


In the beginning, it’s all about the mind and its needs, wants and desires. 

It’s all about the gains and loses,

the successes and failures that only a mind or you,

can come up with.


It’s all about its likes and dislikes,

it’s concerns,


and its anxieties.


It’s all about its strengths and weaknesses,

JOY’s and sorrows,

its perceived past,

and its imagined future.


It’s all about its frustrations,

dreams and misunderstandings;

and the pain and pleasure that it creates or does not create,

for now.


For now,

it’s all about the mind,

and it’s all about the “you”;

it’s all about the you,

you imagine yourself to be as a result of identifying with the mind, as you.


There comes a time for some, when all this drama and all this nonsense begins to fade, when the deepest part of Self seems to say enough!  By taking our attention off the mind and its wanderings and instead, placing it on the One who is aware of the mind, its wanderings and its obsessions. 

There comes a time when the mind AS you, can begin to fade, where the “you” you imagine yourself to be, begins to realize that there is more to the “you” than you could ever, possibly have imagined. More than the story of the good and the bad, more than the story of the highs and lows, more than the fantasies and phobia’s, the obsessions, compulsions, fixations and neurosis of a perceived mind that has its impulses and urges.

It is possible for a time to come when it is no longer about the mind only; a shift occurs when what is important, is not what we understand or know, what we have learned or not learned, but instead our ability to discern the difference between the mind, and all activity of the mind: the knower, the known and the knowing, the observer, the observed and the observing, the experiencer, the experience and the experiencing collapse into the One awareness of Being.

 There is a time when a space occurs, when there is a cut between the thought, the thinking and the thinker, the past and the future; where the perceiver, perceived and perceiving can end, where the thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and associations subside. 

This is the space where freedom occurs, where there is no “in” or “out”, “up” or “down”, “here” or “there”, where there is no mind, no knower and no known.

This is the space where freedom occurs, where “pure”, “undivided” awareness arises, where there is no this and that.


(c) Copyright – Michael Sean Symonds. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

13 Steps to Synchronicity… I = #11
April 20, 2008

#11 Investigate the validity of the “I” mind…

As long as we continue to imagine ourselves as separate, individual, entities living in a segregated universe we will suffer. The spoken and unspoken purpose of all spiritual paths is to discover Who We Are. We must be willing to pursue our inquiry with vigilance, to question everything we know about ourselves, to question everything we have been told about our lives and the world we live in.


Some have suggested that we abandon the Self by losing ourselves in the details and noise of life; still others provide iconic stories with reasons based on karma and past lives that whittle away the purity of our existence.

The Self remains the Self irrespective of whether we know it or not. It is only the mind that temporarily distracts us with a myriad of stories dismissing our inherent divinity.


We perpetuate this loss by reinforcing the existence of an “I”. Whether it be power and sex, fame and fortune, love and so-called spirituality, we look outside ourselves for ways to strengthen and enhance the security and safety of an “I” that is inherently false, that does not exist. We dutifully edit and script our lives according to tradition, according to the conditioning we were given, and we live our lives as best as we can, with the hope that we will somehow, eventually, experience some level of fulfillment and happiness, purpose and joy, that makes it all worthwhile.


Something is missing though as our suffering continues, our confusion darkens. A story unfolds that somehow, always leaves us feeling unfulfilled. Questions go unanswered, our suffering goes on.


The belief in the existence of a subject “I” temporarily negates what in itself, needs to be negated. To have faith in the “I”, to believe in the “I”, to spend ones life reinforcing the existence of the subject “I” will always lead to greater levels of suffering and the pleasure-pain cycle of our existence.


Ode to Ganesha…
February 7, 2008

Ganesha (also known as Ganapati/Vinayaka) is one of the most famous deities within the Hindu tradition/religion. Appearing as a man with an elephants head as his image.  He has many attributes and the reverence his followers have for his specific divine interventions: lord of beginnings (success), lord of obstacles (removing and placing), Deva of the intellect and wisdom have boosted his popularity to iconic levels. 

Within Yoga theory there is a suggestion that with practice, one can specifically activate certain energies through the use of our attention.  Using meditation, mantras, icons and images, it is believed that one can harness the very qualities and characteristics of the many expressions of the One divine being…

There was a period in my life when I was actively exploring various archetypal energies with the desire to enhance their particular attributes within “my” own consciousness.  My seeming pre-disposition towards and partial mastery of suffering clearly qualified me as a candidate for the charms and intervention of Ganesha. 

Ganesha had also been one of a select few deities, archetypes and energies that had grabed my attention consistently over the years in the pages and pictures of various readings “I” had stumbled on and pursued.   While success is very appealing having the ability to “remove” obstacles was clearly my ace of spades, so “I” dutifully meditated, chanted and payed homage to my new friend and teacher.  Over periods of weeks and months I began to spontaneously examine and contemplate my own experience of the word “obstacle”; how “I” defined it and how “I” experienced it.  I began to look at the perceived obstacles “I” had and their impact in my life and over my present lifetime.  The imagined list was very detailed, an endless, infinite list of ramblings ~ self engendered thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations and memories of a neurotic mind.

 At one point “I” kept coming back to the same idea, the realization that the biggest and most important obstacle “I” really had faced in my life was in fact me!  The me that “I” saw when “I” looked in the mirror, the me that “I” saw when things were “bad”, the me that “I” felt when “I” was triggered by some external circumstance, situation, person or thing.  It also occurred to me that there were also many occasions where “I” experienced flow, where “I” experienced great joy, inspiration, creativity and Bliss in my life .  As “I” became more attentive to those moments, as “I” contemplated the significance of this insight “I” started to realize that in my most creative moments of Being there was a nonappearance of “I”, an abstention of the cognitive process were my now was filled with moments of no thinking, there was no inner consideration of what “I” needed to do in the moment, there was no “I” moderating the moment.

Showing up while also having the ability to step aside in the moment for most seems to be a spontaneous, rare, somewhat fleeting occurrence.  It’s very easy for the mind to slice and dice our experience.  Losing our Self in the resulting confusion is only further aggravated by our identification to the judgment we place on every consecutive moment of now. 

The art of learning to show up while also stepping aside to allow the moment to unfold with fineness and timing appears for most to be a lifetime journey of insight and practice, but it is the greater commitment of renunciation ~ not of habits, objects or things, but of the self that we imagine ourselves to be.  It is the “I”, the “me” and the “mine” that begs to be relinquished, discarded and abandoned.   As the concept “I’ is banished from our Consciousness through practiced wisdom and inquiry, the perception of diversity loses its edge and “we” have the potential to elevate our experience and our ability to express the art of Being in the world.


On a final note to fellow bloggers, Ganesha is also considered to be the “patron of letters”.  It is considered to be very auspicious when he name is invoked during writing sessions…

 O M   G U M   G A N A P A T A Y E I   N A M A H A !

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