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July 7, 2017

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Insight #72 ~ ZEN Shredding…
March 4, 2010


Spend more time in Nature.  


There is a rhythm, flow (and chairlift) in Nature that connects us to Harmony. Spending time in the rhythm and flow of Nature allows our minds, bodies and Spirit to recalibrate to the very same power that creates a baby and orchestrates a Universe. 

You can have moments in Nature, when everything dissolves into everything else, where there is no “I”, “me”, or “mine”.  Being in nature can often lead to spontaneous meditative states that can fulfill you on the deepest, most natural levels of your Being. 

Extended commentary:

Everything is always dissolving into everything else, because it’s all really nothing disguised as something.  Without “nothing” you could not have or appreciate something.  Everything is nothing and that nothing sometimes becomes something; eventually it will subside into back into nothing.

There’s more to the experience and beauty of nature than the infinite visual expressions of diversity that dance before our eyes.  The essence of nature’s beauty lies in its naked, direct, unbridled expression; nothing masquerades as something.  A few hours in nature is equivalent to one thousand sessions of therapy; without the necessary understanding or expense.  A few hours spent in nature allows you slip into the rhythm, flow and movement of your own Being; the same Being that is the life throb of divinity itself. 

In the stillness of nature that appears to be something; the impulse of nothing begins to dissolve mind made barriers; distinctions that would normally elevate our personal suffering subside, and the mind that once thought it was something, becomes nothing.  Gently, quietly, we are seduced and intoxicated by nature’s sweetness.  Form becomes Being, Being becomes form.  In these sacred, immersed moments in nature, we are reminded at the deepest level that form is Being and Being is form.  When form is experienced as Being, and Being is experienced as form, we realize there is no form and there is no Being; the personal becomes impersonal. 

Notice with the appreciation of your attention the gift of  nothing as it becomes the something we call nature; notice by spending time in nature that in that something we call nature there is actually nothing, and in that moment of nothing, you will find everything…           



When was the last time you went for a walk in the park or looked for a shooting star in the night sky?


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The art of Renewal…
March 3, 2008

I just received this email question from The World Café and thought it would make an interesting post for my blog. If you are inspired by the question I invite you to reply to this post with a comment; something you feel, think, or have experienced around the process of renewal. I have also left some information about World Cafe at the end of my entry for those who are inspired by the process and dance of enquiry.


Here is the context and question:

As you read this question, the process of renewal is occurring in communities, cities, businesses and organizations where we work and live all over the world.

What role does renewal play in addressing the challenges of the world today?

…While this question tempts me to look “out there” for a response, training and a touch of obsession requires me to look “in here”, as ~ inside myself, in order to fully respond with integrity to this enquiry. There is no doubt that many circumstances, situations and challenges exist in the world today that are screaming for renewal. Renewal is a very nice word. I would be more inclined to say overhaul ~ but I’ll play by the rules, this time…

: )

Nature thrives on the element of renewal. Nature sustains itself on allowing the natural process of renewal to exist and flourish at every level of its expression. Whether we look to the seasons, night or day or the rhythms of our physiology, the element of renewal appears to be threaded as a need into the pulse of all life and humanity. Most human beings have lost touch with the renewal that naturally exists as a result of having an intimate relationship with nature, both inwardly and outwardly. Most human beings crave for the inherent sustainability that unfolds effortlessly as a result of Being in alignment with nature, with Self, with renewal.

To reignite the fire of renewal on the outside, we must first cultivate it on the inside. To be connected to our inner nature, allows us to connect to and respond successfully to the forms and phenomena of our extended outer nature. I want to be clear that I’m not suggesting in any way we ignore the compassionate pleas of humanity or the Earth on the outside. We need to pursue the calls of our compassionate attention, to the needs of all mankind including the Earth. We just need to be clear were the source of our greatest challenges lie. I imagine that if the entire population of the earth were eliminated in the twinkling of an eye, the planet would easily thrive without the need of our attendance, within a few decades. When we come from a place clarity rather than confusion; when we express from a place of creative freedom, our choices will be then informed by our inner wisdom, rather than determined by our outer reasoning.

Personal renewal, Self renewal, psychological, emotional, and “Spiritual” renewal, is the platform and foundation for all the social, environmental, or political renewal we could ever want, need or desire in life. In my own life and through the observation of the lives of others over years, I have scene the impact of applying or neglecting the practice of Self renewal or Self care on ones life. Through experience (pain and suffering) I have learned that my entire life will be a process of learning and practicing Self renewal in order for me to continue from a place of inspiration, balance and joy, while also having the energy, passion and commitment to move out into the world to serve, where my gifts and talents are uniquely received. When I can take care of my own needs first, I’ll be more inspired and renewed to take care of the needs of others.

While I may not have the bells and whistles that most might say are the signs of successful living, I feel very full! I have lived my life pursuing the gifts, talents and hunger for inner inspiration and have reached a place where an endless supply of contentment is available for the sharing and service to others. It’s not always been this way, and I know that with neglect or inattention I can quickly lose the momentum of this state. The practice of personal renewal, whether that be daily meditation, a daily abhyanga (self massage), walks in nature, creativity, surrounding myself with people that nurture and inspire me or pursuing the dreams and visions I have for my life, all are my own favorite (learned) ways to engage actively the experience, expression and application of renewal in my life.

I think I can say with confidence and without the need of studies, statistics, or polls that when enough of the planet has learned the method and magic of Self renewal, there will be a time where we will wake up one fine morning and the world and our life, will have changed forever…

About World Café Europe…

We are an emerging group of engaged individuals from all over Europe who are committed to contribute to the on-going development of the WORLD CAFÉ by providing forums to try out new approaches in real-life environments.

All of our efforts are designed to foster a new culture of conversation among organizations, businesses and people from all walks of life. Through the use of various forms of communication, World Café Europe would like to provide opportunities for individuals to become active participants in conversations. We hope that through their participation, these individuals will experience a deep exchange of knowledge with one another and feel empowered to explore the potential of collective intelligence to address the questions that matter for Europeans today and in the future.

For more information:

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