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March 26, 2015

The Legacy of Nisargadatta Maharaj:






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After thought # 18
February 19, 2010

 Radical Spirituality demands a radical honesty; to have an authentic relationship with Self requires the absence of distraction.  No other “idols” can be worshiped, consciously or unconsciously.  Ideas can be just as dangerous as physical or imaginary idols.  Concepts can more dangerous than idols, when it comes down to knowing Self.

You might consider the worship of physical or imaginary deities to be primitive, but it is no less primitive to lose yourself in the conscious and unconscious worshiping of the ideas, notions and concepts you entertain and engage on a daily basis about who and what you are.  Seduction, temptation and suffering, lie in the plethora of philosophies, offerings and beliefs that innocently and erroneously market themselves as so called spirituality. 

In The Way of The Human Volume 3 ; Stephen Wolinsky writes a profoundly transparent dedication to his teacher Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

 “… To the memory of my teacher, Guru and Guiding Light, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, the grandfather of Quantum Psychology, the ultimate deprogrammer, and the most confrontive teacher I have ever encountered. 

 To the memory of that confrontation which forced me to look at what I had not looked at, confront what I did not know I needed to confront,

question what I did not know I needed to question,

and let go of that which I did not know I was holding on to.

with love and gratitude for facing-off with me, infecting me with the virus of enquiry which destroys everything in its path including the enquirer. 

For showing the ultimate irreverence for identities and concepts which I thought were me and mine, and the ultimate reverence for THAT ONE SUBSTANCE and BEYOND…

The mother of all concepts, the one concept that spawns one hundred thousand and more, is the concept “I”.  With the appearance of the concept “I”, a hundred thousand other concepts arise including the concept of so called spirituality.  Prior to the concept of Spirituality and prior to the “I”, you are.

When successful, meditation can be a radical practice; a prepatory step in becoming aware of the witness or observer within.  As those thoughts arise and subside; as those feelings arise and subside; as those beliefs and philosophies arise and subside, a space can be created. 

If enough space is created, we might glimpse or notice with attention, the one who is there, the one who is witness to those thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and associations as they arise and subside. 

In awareness we might notice that there is always a presence back of those thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and associations.  In awareness we might realize the presence “back there” is the presence that always was, is, and will be. 

In the prepatory experience of meditation, we might become aware of the one who is meditating, and in that awareness, we might ask the mother of all questions:

Who is there? 

Who is meditating? 

Who is feeling? 

Who is thinking? 

Who is vulnerable… hurt… happy or sad?

If we were to anchor awareness to itself, we might glimpse, if only for a moment, the irrelevance of it all; the irrelevance of those thoughts and feelings as they come and go.  The irrelevance of those beliefs and philosophies as they come and go.  The irrelevance of those perceptions, associations and memories as they come and go; but most of all we might realize the irrelevance of Spirituality as related to the finding out of Who You Are; and more importantly, the irrelevance of “I”and all that you imagine it to be …

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You Are…
March 4, 2009



You are always there.


That which you are is so obvious, it will go unnoticed.


That you are, goes unnoticed because your attention is placed on the foreground of your life and personality; Who You Are becomes overshadowed by what you are not.


Placed on the foreground of your experience, on your thoughts, your emotions, your perceptions, your associations, your desires, your fears, your memories and insecurities, your attention becomes fixated to the story of what you are not. 


You lose yourself in a story of what you have been told; you become a slave to the stories you tell yourself.


As long as you are in your story you can never get out of your story. 


If you don’t know that you are in your story, how can you get out of your story?


Acting out your story you remain oblivious to THAT which you are.


That which you are is so simple, so immediate, so direct and so eternal, it remains unseen ~ waiting.



You are always there.


Wherever you go, you will be there.


Before you were seeking, you were.


While you are seeking, you are.


After you stop seeking, you will be.



You do not have to try to be what you are.


Without effort, without gain, without achievement or struggle, you are.



All is, because you are.


All was, because you are.


You are not what you imagine yourself to be.



Prior to words, you are.


Prior to thoughts, you are.


Prior to understanding, you are.




No crusade, no conviction, no alms are needed for you to be who you are.


You are who you are, in the present moment now.


Restore the memory that you are.


Be THAT which you are.



Inspired by the wisdom of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and the brilliant work of Stephen Wolinsky PHD.


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