On Belief…
June 4, 2011


There is no value in aligning yourself with another belief system if you are at all interested in finding out Who You Are.  Beliefs are simply revised, self engendered, sanitized forms of conditioning.  A mind that is conditioned can never be [free].


Belief systems are transient and irrelevant to Who You Are; they only appear to provide relative comfort for the perceived mind, in a field of absolute chaos.  They temporarily reinforce the psychology and fiction of a so-called person, providing a moment of poise in the swell and dellusion of subjective understanding. 


As we penetrate their relevance and applicability to life and living, we can quickly see that at best, beliefs only distract awareness into a deeper trance; a further belief that there is a person who understands something, when in fact, there is no-one to understood anything.


The only way one can be [free] is to confront the legacy of belief systems we have inherited.  To consciously investigate with awareness the idea that there is in fact a believer in those beliefs, and the idea that we are not free!  As long as we breed the idea within mind a notion they exist in ways we imagine, there will be struggle. 


Better said; once the fiction of a person is examined and the nature of their supposed thoughts and beliefs are confronted – there is no question of freedom or bondage.  It’s faith and trust in belief that causes suffering.  It’s the belief in a separate individual person called “me” that is the core of our perceived delusion. 


Crack the shell of understanding and reality will reveal itself to itself; it has too.


You can spend your life investing in alternative ideas that try to explain and organize the dellusion of your own or anothers understanding, or you can allow awareness to Be; where there is no need to rely on nickel and dime philosophies of reality or so-called spirituality. 


There is nothing the matter with involving yourself in the daily Puja of belief, if you are looking for comfort and poise – until the bubble of that comfort and poise is popped. 


Then what will [you] do?


Will [you] take the opportunity to dive into, and rest in choice less, thoughtless, timeless, unchanging awareness? 


In the space of awareness – the space and [freedom] of Being can be found.  A [place] were the so-called local, and so-called non-local, shuffle and mingle in the dance called life. 


However; as long as there is a belief in awareness can there be awareness?


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