After thought #21
March 19, 2010


Radical Spirituality is the recognition that there is but “one” substance.  Projections of the mind suggest to us that there is more than “one” substance; that there are in fact an infinite number of substances that take the form of things; things which we call “this” and “that”.

The mind made fields of Psychology and Spirituality often suggest that nothing becomes something and in becoming that something it is now separate from the nothing; somehow different from the nothing; somehow isolated from nothing that became something.

In that mind made distinction the nothing that became something is then labeled; it is categorized, judged, evaluated and compared.  In the innocence of that nothing that is simultaneously always something, there is a perception of loss and degradation, spiritualization or demonization by the mind then occurs; all philosophies, religions and conceptual understandings then flow from those mind based ideas of this and that, anchored to the concept of separation, distinction, isolation.   

With the acceptance and belief that there is something, all manner of stories are created to then justify and explain not only the reasons for the separation and something, but also what is then needed to reconcile the perceived separation; where there is in fact none.  We get caught up in the story of an imagined something and its separation and then we spend our lives trying to fix, change or repair the illusion of that something and its separation into this and that.

It’s seductive to get caught up in this and that.  The more our attention is captured, fixated and obsessed on the potential gain and accomplishment, the pain and pleasure that appears to be had or avoided in this and that, the more we lose touch with an awareness of presence.  The more it feels like there is separation, the more we lose touch with the possibility of experiencing the bliss of the moment as it is, that can be found in the simplicity of Being; that is inherently part of our essence; without being attached, dependent upon, or identified to the this and that of something.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this and that, its part of being human; it’s part of our humanity.  When we lose ourselves in the process of seeking this and that; as our attention becomes scattered into something like this and that, we become obsessed and fixated on getting more, being more and doing more; we further estrange ourselves from the Self.  The root of all fear is the perceived estrangement we have to Self.  The motivation for all desire is the compensatory feeling of wanting to reunite or repair the perceived estrangement we experience to Self.

To handle this fear and to respond to this desire, we fixate on this and that; we rely on the mind to come up with an infinite number of stories to explain the fear and explain the desire of this and that; including this one! We spend the rest of our lives running away from the “this” of our fears, while also running after the “that” of our desires.

If we would only sit with fear and sit with desire, without imagining it as something like the “this” of difference or the “that” of separation, we might glimpse the familiarity of its nature.  We might finally recognize it also as a reflection of the one substance, appearing as though it were this and that, appearing as though it were two or more substances…

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