After Thought #59
October 16, 2011

We place too great an importance on thought and thinking in the West.  We wrongly substitute thought/thinking as intelligence when in fact it is only a symptom of intelligence.  From the earliest age we begin to fill our so-called minds with ideas, thoughts, notions and beliefs – conceptual philosophies add infinitum.   Schools, universities – the highest, most accredited educational institutes provide a frame of reference – for references to be framed, based on the binge consumption of information about this and that.

Very little attention – if any, is placed on the value of emptiness – nothingness; the space of consciousness from which it all arises.  We overlook nothing – the source of everything, for something. We instead place higher value on things and the collection of things; even subtle things like thoughts and thinking which is knowledge –not intelligence.

First we focus on ideas – then on the things those ideas appear to create, and in doing so we ignore essence, we ignore the field of awareness which organizes it all.  With attention fixated on something, we ignore the value and benefit of what appears to be invisible.  We ignore Being and instead favor thinking; we ignore Being and instead favor doing and having.  We ignore Being and wrongly imagine that it is thinking itself that motivates the doing, the having and the being of life.

It’s no wonder our lives are driven by the neurosis of our conditioning.  We are taught and conditioned to believe from the earliest age that it is in the gathering and management of things like thoughts, ideas, notions and beliefs, which will provide the necessary keys to navigating life.  Factually, and for the most part, we crumble in the aftermath of destruction, having invested in erroneous ways of being that only temporarily provide satisfaction for a restless mind that can only ever grasp for more.

If only we would take the time to notice the unnoticed, to notice the space in which the thought, the thinking, the being, the having and the doing arise.  If only we would take the time to see with clarity, the value and benefit of becoming familiar with presence – Self; an awareness that is open and empty, alive and awake.  An awareness that cradles the here/now without reservation and without condition; an awareness that lives and thrives in the space of Being, here/now.

Can you imagine taking an accredited course based on Being – on doing nothing? 

What a preposterous Idea you say.  I say – spend a little time each day in the space of emptiness that is awareness – Being.  I say – start to become familiar with the space of Being only, and watch how life changes. 

I say – spend time each day noticing the fact that you are already, always aware; then Be aware of the fact that you are already aware.  Take time to watch the non verbal, no-state-state, upon which all experience rests.  Notice the value that comes from direct experience of your essential nature that lies beyond the basket of your own conditioned thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations, memories, intentions and desires…



Notice a thought…

Notice another thought…

Notice a thought comes, and a thought goes; notice some are new, and most are old.


Notice a thought…

Notice another thought…

Notice awareness is simultaneous there – with those thoughts; notice awareness is there before, during, and after each and every thought.

Notice the space of awareness before, during, and after each thought is open and empty, quiet and still.

Notice that in the midst of a single thought or a landslide of numerous thoughts – awareness is already, always there – whether you are aware of it or not.


As you notice awareness; as you become familiar with awareness by letting your attention rest AS awareness, notice you and awareness are one – [you], are awareness.

Notice you are awareness and not the thought or the thinking that appear to rise and subside within/on awareness.

Notice there can be an identification with/too thoughts, and there can also be an awareness of awareness itself; awareness that is alive, awake and unconditioned.

Do you identify with thought/thinking, or can you see clearly and directly you are awareness itself?

Notice thought appears to separate and divide, but the awareness in which the thought/thinking arise and subside is always undivided.

Notice awareness is radically inclusive, radically awake and wildly aware.   

Thought/thinking is inherently divisive, while awareness itself is naturally whole and inherently complete.


Notice you are always awareness – even though you might not be aware of it; even though you may appear to be temporarily identified with/too a thought, feeling, emotion, perception, association, memory, intention or desire.

Notice when your attention is captivated by thought, feeling, emotion, perception, association, memory, intention or desire – you feel very different than when your attention is simply resting as awareness, in which those thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, associations, memories, intentions and desires arise and subside.

Notice [you] can rest in thought or you can rest as awareness.

When you rest in thought there is the tendency to imagine/identify yourself as thought.

Notice when you rest as awareness there is the tendency to naturally and spontaneously recognize awareness as your intrinsic nature/Self.

Notice how easy it is to rest as natural awareness and notice how easy it is to be distracted and disturbed by the basket of your own thoughts/thinking.

As awareness becomes more and more familiar, notice any change in the degree of distraction and disturbance that thought/thinking may have.  

Notice over and over, again and again that you are not thought/thinking, nor are you any feeling they may generate, however distracting, however disturbing.

Notice over and over, again and again that you are always, already awareness.

Notice awareness until the idea that you are anything other than awareness – is removed.

Notice awareness until the idea that you are separate from awareness as your essential nature – dissolves.


Notice there is freedom in awareness, while there appears to be a degree of suffering with identification too thought/thinking.

Notice we can rest in thought/thinking, or we can rest as awareness.

Better instead to rest as awareness.

Better instead to rest in the open, empty, unconditional – essential space of awareness; always here, already now.




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ON ~ Practice
March 3, 2011



The [inherent] problem within any practice is that there appears to be a person who is [doing] the practice.

Initially and for the most part, it seems and it is taught, there appears to be someone who is learning, someone who is improving, and someone who is mastering some practice.

Whether it’s the practice of asana, pranayama, mantra, yantra, tantra or prayer, [we] are seduced and deluded into thinking and believing that somebody is doing something.




So-called realization is the awareness that nobody is doing anything; it’s a knowing that nobody has ever done anything.

Most engage practice with the idea that it’s all about getting something, being something, doing something or having something.  It’s a “doing to get” philosophy, and it’s based entirely on narcissistic movement of the mind.

The unspoken intent of any practice is to move beyond the so-called mind; to know the knower; to know that [you] are not the asana, nor are [you] the yogi who seems to be learning, practicing and mastering asana.

[Authentic] practice reveals Who [You] Are; getting something, being something, doing something or having something, becomes more and more irrelevant as the [truth] of reality is unvailed.




So-called practice reveals [you] are not practice, nor are [you] body that appears to be [doing ] so-practice. The illusion of practice and the illusion of a body that does practice becomes more and more transparent until there is a complete collapse and annihilation of all ideas about a body and a practice, and the one who appears to be a body which does a practice.

Awareness that [you] are not practice or body [doing] practice reveals knowing; knowing [you] are not body nor are [you] practice; knowing [you] are in fact much more than [you] could ever possibly imagine; knowing [you] are in fact [Consciousness].

To know [you] are [Consciousness] upon which body & practice appears to appear, brings an inward peace and passionate dispassion towards life. [You] come [home], to Who [You] Are; to a place [you] never left.

Nothing appears to [become] & [do] something, until it realizes it is in fact simultaneously nothing & something; until it realizes it is IT, or not…



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After Thought #49
January 29, 2011



There is no mind.


Mind is an idea that arises in awareness built on a false foundation called “I”.


In the flame of attention the “I” dissolves into awareness and awareness dissolves into nothing, from whence it came.


Thought and thinking do not give rise to reality. 


It’s the [power] of Being that authors and animates thought and thinking, not the other way around.


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After Thought #44
January 10, 2011


It’s the spell of consciousness that allows [you] to imagine that self centred problems can be solved by conditioned, self centred thinking.


If the spell of thinking is broken, [you] can see through the distortion of “I” based thinking, “I” based perception and the greatest challenge of all, “I” based spirituality.  Then a problem is no longer a problem, it just is…


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Francis Lucille ~ There is no doer…
October 16, 2010



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Insight #79 ~ ZEN Shredding…
September 4, 2010



Truth can contain the lie of justification. 



When you take the time to examine truth closely, it can reveal negative assumptions, associations and beliefs about how you see your life and the world you live in.  When fact and fiction fuse, you limit your subjective experience of freedom.


Extended commentary:


I’ve always been wary about people who tell me something with a qualifying “it’s my truth…” statement.  It’s as if something they think, perceive, understand, know, believe or see is different from everyone else, and yet absolutely true at some “deep, spiritual, level. 

It implies that something is true for them regardless if it does not fit with any frame of reference, spiritual or otherwise.  You can make a claim that something might be truth, but that does not make it Truth.  Ultimately only an “I” would claim something to be true or not, only an “I” would look for something that is true or not true.  If there were such as thing as truth, “I” don’t think it would be personal. 


I think more often or not there is confusion of Truth over experience.  There are infinite numbers of experiences ~ all these experiences are subjective but not necessarily “the truth”.  Just because it’s your experience does not make it true.  You can have a subjective experience without having the need to claim that it is the Truth.

To [me] when “I” here someone use the term “it’s my truth”, it sounds more like a defense mechanism, a wall of protection that is used to hide the fact that there is an actual fixation on some deeply held belief, a belief that is somehow out of bounds, somehow sacred, something very personal, and should not be examined or challenged, because “it’s my truth.

[You] can have [your] experience, but it does not have to be true or not true, it can simply just be.  [You] can have [your] experience without needing to imply that it is some absolute truth.  The fact is that what is true now will most likely not be true tomorrow (look to [your] experience to prove this).

Beliefs come and go; they are not truth.  Experiences come and go, they are not truth.  Perceptions, ideas, notions, understandings and insights that come from the mind, will ultimately, come and go, and therefore cannot be Truth.

What is real is true, and what is true does not come and go. 

Run away from the truth.  Better yet, depend upon what does not come and go rather than what appears to be true or not true. 

Beyond the truth or not truth, [you] are…



What do you assume to be true in your life?



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After thought #8
November 26, 2009

Trapped in the fiction of “me”.

Life is a story.  An abstracted [biological edited], self engendered [psychological adoption] and interpretation of reality, loosely based on belief, experience, perception, understanding and knowledge.  Ours is the greatest story that will ever be told; it is the only story that will ever be told.  “Each” an every human being is a perceivable universe unto themselves with its own set of beliefs, experiences, understandings and knowledge that make up the ingredients of that grand narrative.

This story of “me” is a personalized, Cole’s note version of reality.  While it might appear to feel like and be reality from a subjective point of view; at best it is only a personalized, conventional, filtered interpretation of our “own” experience and understanding. 

“I” suffer, because “I” think “I” exist.  Held within every thought, feeling, emotion, perception, memory and association of this body and mind, is the “DNA” of who “I” imagine “my”self to be; the words, the sentences, and the paragraphs that contribute to “my” narration of a fictional “me”. 

As long as “I” continue to identify myself with and as the story of “me”, I will suffer. When “my story” is left unattended, un-questioned, and un-confronted, I will continue to be the innocent victim to an unauthorized narrative called the mind, that needs to be investigated and then discarded at all costs.

 Essential “spirituality” or the discovery of Who We Are, is not the addition of new plotlines or explanations to the story of “me”, however “meaningful” or “purposeful” those adventures and stories may be.  Essential “spirituality” is not the revision of a story line from failure to success, sickness to health, poverty to prosperity, or sadness to joy, although the story line will inherently include many of these plotlines that are flavored by these experiences.  A change in the storyline regarding success, achievement, understanding or tenure, “should” not be prematurely confused with the realization of self. 

Understanding the story of “me” is also not the realization of “me”, or “I”.  How can insight on the story of a fictional “me” (pseudo self) bring freedom?  Only the “I” wants to know why.  If bondage is created by that fictional “me”, then the opposite ~ freedom, is part of the illusion; where is the question of freedom?

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