Scott Kiloby ~ Completness & The Need For Love
May 26, 2011


“When you’re complete in your experience; when you know that completness is your very experience ~ then you have so much more to give…”








After Thought #42
December 2, 2010



The Fullness of Being…


[We] fool ourselves into believing that peace or freedom can be found in the thinking process.  Lasting peace can never be found at the level of the mind or thinking dimension ~ a dimension that is dualistic by nature. 

There may be brief moments of respite where [our] “bullish”, “up” thoughts might entertain and distract, but eventually and naturally, the mind will inevitably swing towards a “downward”, “bearish” movement, potentially propelling the perception of the thinker and perceiver of those thoughts into a downward spiral.

Scott Kiloby once asked:

“Does it take a thought to Be?” 

This question; this investigation; invites us to move beyond the foreground of our life experience and the dualistic perception of mind; to dance in a field of infinite, unbounded, possibility that lies outside the conceptual notions of mind. 

This inquiry asks us to consider something else may exist beyond the ideas we hold in mind and life.  More importantly, it suggests [we] are more than the stream of endless “up” thoughts and “down” “thoughts” we so easily identify and lose ourselves too. 

This inquiry begs us to consider further questions of discovery:


Does it take a feeling for [you] to Be?

Does it take an object, person or relationship for [you] to Be?

Does it take an emotion for [you] to Be?

Does it take an idea or notion, a perception or association for [you] to Be?

Does it take a belief, philosophy or religion for [you] to Be?

Does it take an intention or desire, a purpose or transformation for [you] to Be?


[We] are obsessed by the thinking dimension.  [We] are seduced, conditioned and hypnotized by the thinking dimension.  All perceived suffering finds its home in the thinking dimension. 

To be [free] from the mind, we must be [free] from the web of its influence; we must move beyond the notion and idea that we can be [free] or [not free].  [We] must question not only the validity of [our] identification and fixation to the process of thinking, but also, question the inherent validity of the identity of the one who imagines he is the thinker and source of those thoughts; that she is indeed the character, nature and essence of those thoughts. 


Does it take understanding or knowledge for you to Be?

Does it take a memory or action for you to Be?

Does it take a mind or the content of that mind, for [you] to Be?



Who is it that thinks?



Our romance and addiction to the thinking dimension; our identification to the thinking dimension coerces our sense of wellbeing into chaos and suffering.  We lose touch with our inherent perfection and wholeness and instead substitute it with the bi-products of ideas that can only represent and reflect perfection wholeness.

Prior too and beyond the thought, and the thinker of that thought, there is [freedom].  Prior too and beyond the feeling, object, person or relationship, there is already [freedom].   Being is whole, complete and perfect in its Self.Being is the basis of thinking, not the other way around. 

Being is the basis of thinking and thinking is the basis of doing.  All action requires a foundation of Being be present.  All thinking and doing happen spontaneously and instantaneously, without regard or need of the mind as mediator.  Mind is only a shadow of ones existence, a mirage and deception, an editorial commentary, which can only distract ones attention from ones true nature.


Emotions cannot add to Being.

Ideas, notions, perceptions, associations or memories, cannot compliment Being.

Beliefs, intentions or desires, cannot extend Being.

Understanding or knowledge, action or purpose, cannot add to the fullness of Being.

The fullness of Being cannot be augmented by any conceptual cognition.  

Being cannot be achieved.  

Being cannot be supplemented or bestowed upon.


How can [you] Be more than [you] already Are?


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