The biology of ego seperation…
February 11, 2008



In michael’s blog world adventures there is always a lot of juicy activity on the subject of ego.  It’s not surprising since it is a topic that most “seekers” on the path brush up against at some point on their journey.  Depending on the path, dogma, philosophy or teaching on this particular subject, it has the power to elevate our ability to navigate the journey to a more integrated level of understanding of “Who We Are” or, as in many cases distract, trap or warp the mind into a seductive web of nonsense.  This nonsense is many times then incestuously regurgitated by the very path, dogma, philosophy or teachings that was designed to “liberate”.  Our innocence is once again, temporarily lost as judgement is layered on judgement, concept on concept, and we become further distracted from Who We Are.


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