Insight #72 ~ ZEN Shredding…
March 4, 2010


Spend more time in Nature.  


There is a rhythm, flow (and chairlift) in Nature that connects us to Harmony. Spending time in the rhythm and flow of Nature allows our minds, bodies and Spirit to recalibrate to the very same power that creates a baby and orchestrates a Universe. 

You can have moments in Nature, when everything dissolves into everything else, where there is no “I”, “me”, or “mine”.  Being in nature can often lead to spontaneous meditative states that can fulfill you on the deepest, most natural levels of your Being. 

Extended commentary:

Everything is always dissolving into everything else, because it’s all really nothing disguised as something.  Without “nothing” you could not have or appreciate something.  Everything is nothing and that nothing sometimes becomes something; eventually it will subside into back into nothing.

There’s more to the experience and beauty of nature than the infinite visual expressions of diversity that dance before our eyes.  The essence of nature’s beauty lies in its naked, direct, unbridled expression; nothing masquerades as something.  A few hours in nature is equivalent to one thousand sessions of therapy; without the necessary understanding or expense.  A few hours spent in nature allows you slip into the rhythm, flow and movement of your own Being; the same Being that is the life throb of divinity itself. 

In the stillness of nature that appears to be something; the impulse of nothing begins to dissolve mind made barriers; distinctions that would normally elevate our personal suffering subside, and the mind that once thought it was something, becomes nothing.  Gently, quietly, we are seduced and intoxicated by nature’s sweetness.  Form becomes Being, Being becomes form.  In these sacred, immersed moments in nature, we are reminded at the deepest level that form is Being and Being is form.  When form is experienced as Being, and Being is experienced as form, we realize there is no form and there is no Being; the personal becomes impersonal. 

Notice with the appreciation of your attention the gift of  nothing as it becomes the something we call nature; notice by spending time in nature that in that something we call nature there is actually nothing, and in that moment of nothing, you will find everything…           



When was the last time you went for a walk in the park or looked for a shooting star in the night sky?


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After thought #19
February 21, 2010


Are you ready for stillness?


How could you not be when your essential nature is stillness!

We spend so much of our life in the foreground of reality; we become fixated on its expression, we lose ourselves in its expression.  We imagine that life is all about thinking something, having something, doing something and being something; when in fact all thinking, having, doing and being are organized by the background itself. 

Nothing becomes something, and the something eventually, becomes nothing again. 

When you spend regular, consistent time doing nothing; as might occur in the stillness of successful meditation, you’ll begin to realize the impulse of something always begins as nothing.  We over rate our ability to do something; we become so obsessed in the doing something that all of a sudden we want to do everything.  And all of the time, the value of doing nothing goes unrecognized.

If more people spent more time doing nothing, they might become aware of their true nature.  They might realize how the value of doing nothing can potentially elevate the focus of doing everything.  The still something of meditation becomes the silent nothing that is actually everything.

In the stillness of nothing, everything potentially becomes something.  To find out Who You Are we must temporarily pull our attention away from everything, so that the potential of something can arise from nothing. 

You are not something. 

You are nothing disguised as everything, that thinks you are something.  When you spend time in the stillness of nothing, you’ll begin to realize the illusion of something, everything and nothing.  And in the wisdom of knowing and doing nothing, you’ll realize that you are everything, and the something will take care of itself.


Good; my advice to you is to do nothing…

After thought #4
November 1, 2009

Conventional Spirituality would have you believe that the realization of Who You Are is somehow dependent upon what you are thinking, being, having and doing in life.  That somehow through gain, achievement, or merit, you reach a point of knowing Who You Are.  

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Spirituality is not math.  It has nothing to do with addition of “good” things such as philosophy, vegetarianism, practice, or prayer.  Likewise, it has nothing to do with subtraction of  percieved “bad” things, such as your “shadow”, a disease, or you’re so-called negative thoughts.

There comes a time when you realize that Who You Are cannot be gamed; when its time to strip yourself naked of erroneous, conceptual beliefs and understanding; by blatantly examining, questioning and investigating all ideas, judgments and assumptions you ever had about yourself, your life and your so-called spirituality.

With that occurrence, you might be lucky enough to create the space for something even grander to appear; something you could never have imagined or hoped for. 

It’s really only in the light of awareness that “truth” can really be seen, not for the appearance it may or may not take on as form or phenomena, but in the clarifying value of absolute stillness; in the deepest silence where there is no this and that, “you” are the truth…

Insight #58 ~ ZEN Shredding…
September 24, 2009

WB 119 

Interrupt ongoing noise in your life. 


On the slope, you can find perfection in silence.  Take a moment to notice and enjoy the serenity, simplicity and silence in things, as they are mirrors of your Being.  Notice the pauses and gaps in your life; they are your greatest friends, they are filled with potential and possibility. They are the source of your dreams and the connection to your true Self.


 Extended commentary:


Between one thought and another,

there is space.


Between every breath,

a pause.


As sound arises,

so it will fall.


Between one idea and the next,

a gap.


Between each beat of the heart,

a rest.



It’s funny how we avoid stillness in life.  It’s funny how uncomfortable most feel with the pause of silence that permeates all activity; how we want to fill that still silence with activity.

If we take an honest look at our lives, I think most of us would agree that we have filled those lives with too much “having” and too much “doing”.  Where is the space of Being?  I think it would be fair to say we avoid the stillness of silence by consciously and unconsciously filling it with activity.

Ironically all activity itself arises from the stillness of silence.  To avoid greater awareness of that stillness; to lose touch with that silence, by focusing only on the having and the doing, is to lose touch with not only the stillness, but also the essential birthplace that gives rise to all activity, including life itself.  Even when activities of the body appear to cease, the mind seems always ready to take over, bingeing itself on movements of the mind.

It’s so easy and so simple to lose awareness of our essential nature as we compulsively and forcefully engage a never ending list of activities authored by the mind.  To introduce the stillness of silence into our activity, to introduce this stillness to the mind, is to temporarily withdraw ourselves from the thinking, the having and the doing of life; and in that engagement, in that stillness, we enliven with dynamism not only the mind, but also all activity to come. 

In stillness, in the restful alertness that can be found in silence, there lies the potential for unbounded, dynamic activity.  To engage the stillness, to engage our awareness deeply into that silence, is to allow what is, to Be, and in that space of silence something greater can be noticed, something much greater can be appreciated. 

Perhaps, if only momentarily, we can step beyond the foreground of the thinking, the having and the doing, and we can touch with awareness the background of Being which resides as the stillness; from this silent nothing, something becomes. 

In this appreciation of stillness, in this appreciation of Being, all activity that arises will not only be nourished by the background of Being, but also will then serve in unimaginable ways, the foreground of the thinking, the having, the doing and the being.  Being will then supplement in amplified ways, the thinking, the being, the having and the doing…


How can you introduce silence as a practice to your day?


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