After Thought #34
July 24, 2010


The  Doctrine  of  [ One ]


The search for “liberation” is a timeless journey that takes the appearance of many ideas and paths that are made of ideas.  At the heart of this perennial journey, there lie unanswered questions:

Are we willing to examine with vigilance the ideas we have about those paths we follow so dearly?

Are we willing to question the validity of the ideas that make up those paths?

Are we willing to reach beyond those very ideas, to let go of those ideas in order to touch, taste, smell and feel the unspeakable “truth” that lies at the heart of those very paths?

In the awakened wisdom of your own heart, awareness is still and complete, silent and present.

Awareness is, and [You] Are.

Radical Spirituality has nothing to do with practice, dogma or  prayer.  Prior to the prayer, [You] Are.  Prior to the belief [You Are].  Prior to the though, notion, memory, feeling, association or perception; [You Are].

The essence of Who [You] Are cannot be found in practice, dogma or prayer.  It Spirituality is not something you can learn or achieve, for these are at best, only ideas of spirituality, not Spirituality.  They are speculations; they are projections of the mind that has lost itself in its own thinking.

Let us celebrate the gifts of Spirit in the still, quiet, place of the heart.  Let us ignite the wisdom of our own awareness.  Let us celebrate and realize the “Doctrine of One…”

ZEN Shredding ~ Insight #12
September 1, 2008


Seize opportunities.




But what opportunities? Find the opportunities that hide in the people, places and experiences that occur daily in your life.  The opportunities that lie dormant in the conversations, chance meetings, and relationships.  The most important thing is to pay attention to the story of your life, listening and looking for relevant themes and continuity.


Every moment is potentially an extraordinary moment in the elevation and evolution of your own awareness.


Extended commentary:


I do not believe we only get one chance in life. 

I believe opportunity lies outside the domain of rational thinking, beliefs, perceptions, notions, values and philosophical thinking’s and circumstance.  It is the nature of the ONE Self, to orchestrate forever, infinite opportunities to elevate the intimacy, and relationship potential that occurs in your life.


In every moment there is an opportunity to reconnect with what appears to be disconnected.  In every moment there is the possibility and potential to allow greater levels of creative authenticity to be expressed into the world of form.  While the mind may question, doubt, resist, analyze and formulize the who, the what, the where, the when and the why of life, the ONE mind seeks to unite this and that, here and there, up and down, in and out.


As you stabilize your attention to the “ONE mind”, you will cultivate the opportunity for you to engage your life in ways you could never have imagined.  Events, situations, and circumstances will synchronistically guide you to the threshold of a life you could only have previously dreamed of. 


Be attentive to the opportunities that lie in chance meetings, conversations, and coincidental circumstance that arises in the present moment.  Each present moment is a stepping stone to the next moment and the evolution of your life.  Each moment is an opportunistic thread, woven into the fabric of an ever unfolding conspiracy to elevate Who You Are and What You will become…   




What opportunities in your life need to be



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13 Steps to Synchronicity… Y = #13
April 21, 2008

 Know YourSelf in the now… 


We are all in the process of awakening, even deep sleep is considered to be a partial expression of awareness with potential.  To be clear; there are many strategies that elevate the quality of our life experience, that allow us to live life in more “successful” ways.  We can go as far to say that spirituality and psychology are in most cases, strategies to live life with the intention of more peace, harmony and happiness.


There are endless strategies that fall under endless umbrellas: personal, work, political, social, environmental, religious and yes, spiritual strategies i.e. “the law of attraction”.


The spoken says that adopting, learning, practicing and following these strategies will help us to live life with more fulfillment, joy and meaning; ideas and practices we should not minimize or dismiss.  The unspoken suggests that while these strategies may work to various degrees of success, they inherently have nothing to do with Who We Are.


Who We Are has nothing to do with our past or our understanding of the past.  Who We Are has nothing to do with the denial of the past or its “healing”.  Who We Are has nothing to do with the church we go to, the meditation practice we use or how many years we’ve been practicing it. 


To dig a little deeper; Who We Are has nothing to do with whether we are a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Jew.  Who We Are has nothing to do with being a man or women, Saint or sinner, teacher or student.  Being clear, confused, authentic, generous, and evil or living your life with meaning and purpose also, has nothing to do with Who You Are.


It does not matter if you love yourself or hate yourself, because it has no effect or baring on your true Self ~ Who You Are.  You can be very successful or poor, the most joyous person in the world or the most unhappy person in the world and it will still make no difference to Who You Are.  All these things are expressions, experiences and understandings that happen or do not happen to the body/mind or “I”.



The “I” that believes that it exists in time and space, that it is separate from all the other body/minds or “I’s” that also exist.  It believes that it has a will and that it can make things happen, it lives in a world where the “I” must be the victor or vanquished. 


All these things are expressions, experiences, preferences or understandings of the “I”, body/mind.  They are organizations that the “I” belongs to, experiences that happen to the “I”, beliefs, ideas, values, discriminations, choices, judgments, concepts and strategies that the “I” has bought into and believes.  They are life styles, choices and practices of the “I”, body/mind.


The Self is independent of your experienced past or imagined future; it thrives in the “present moment now”, where past and future do not exist.  The Self needs no concepts or strategies to be or not be; it needs no healing and can never be lost.


To be more clear;


You already are what you want to be. 

The “one” Self lives in the now.

You are that “single” Self, beyond all ideas that were, are and to come.

The Self comes from nowhere and goes nowhere.

The Self is timeless, therefore you are timeless.

The Self is not born, therefore you are not born.

If you are timeless and unborn, you cannot die.


First, you imagine…


Then you create a path or process, a story of how you will return to the perfection that was never lost, the perfection of Who You Are…


The Self is the concept of synchronicity and it is not the concept of synchronicity.

The Self is Who You Are.


“You need not remember in order to be…” 

You cannot become what you already are…”

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

13 Steps to Synchronicity… T = #12
April 21, 2008

C   Trust  yourSelf…


It is only at the level of the mind that we truly lose touch with the essence of Who We Are.  At some point and to various degrees, most of us begin to believe in the illusion of our separateness as part of our early conditioning.  Our imagined Isolation from our wholeness and perfection leads to distraction, we start to believe in our imperfection, we allow our attention to focus and dwell on “this” and “that”. 


Trust is replaced by the illusion of control, our innocence is replaced by a pandemic fear as we place more and more of our faith in a personal, subjective “I”, in things external that are transient and unreal.  We learn to pay more attention to what is going on outside ourselves rather than developing an awareness of our relationship to the wisdom within us.   


The quality of our life is determined by the quality of the relationship we have to the Self.  It takes great courage and trust to journey within.  It’s the kind of trust that cannot be learned or earned; it must be granted to each and every moment of our day to day existence, to the Self, to others, to our life, to our dreams.


It is a way of being in the world that is not common, a rarity and authenticity that is fresh and always new.  As we learn to give up our dependency on the “I” mind, we experience a renewed zest for life, in our choices and in the visions we have for our life.  We begin to recognize the value and truth of living life based on the strength of our inner relationship. Trust becomes our compass that leads us home to the Self within.  We give up the ordinary and we begin experiencing and living the extraordinary.


Q.   What way would you live your life if you granted complete trust to the moment?

13 Steps to Synchronicity… I = #11
April 20, 2008

#11 Investigate the validity of the “I” mind…

As long as we continue to imagine ourselves as separate, individual, entities living in a segregated universe we will suffer. The spoken and unspoken purpose of all spiritual paths is to discover Who We Are. We must be willing to pursue our inquiry with vigilance, to question everything we know about ourselves, to question everything we have been told about our lives and the world we live in.


Some have suggested that we abandon the Self by losing ourselves in the details and noise of life; still others provide iconic stories with reasons based on karma and past lives that whittle away the purity of our existence.

The Self remains the Self irrespective of whether we know it or not. It is only the mind that temporarily distracts us with a myriad of stories dismissing our inherent divinity.


We perpetuate this loss by reinforcing the existence of an “I”. Whether it be power and sex, fame and fortune, love and so-called spirituality, we look outside ourselves for ways to strengthen and enhance the security and safety of an “I” that is inherently false, that does not exist. We dutifully edit and script our lives according to tradition, according to the conditioning we were given, and we live our lives as best as we can, with the hope that we will somehow, eventually, experience some level of fulfillment and happiness, purpose and joy, that makes it all worthwhile.


Something is missing though as our suffering continues, our confusion darkens. A story unfolds that somehow, always leaves us feeling unfulfilled. Questions go unanswered, our suffering goes on.


The belief in the existence of a subject “I” temporarily negates what in itself, needs to be negated. To have faith in the “I”, to believe in the “I”, to spend ones life reinforcing the existence of the subject “I” will always lead to greater levels of suffering and the pleasure-pain cycle of our existence.


13 Steps to Synchronicity… C = #10
April 19, 2008


C   Clarify the meaning and purpose of your life…


Many wisdom traditions throughout the ages have suggested the importance of gaining clarity to your moment to moment choices while also aligning them to your purpose; your reason for being.  It is a suggestion that these elements can contribute to the elevation of your own understanding to as to why you are here, what you will do and how you will be on this journey. 


One could live ones life without unraveling, clarifying and committing to their own personal story or allegiance to some quest, vision, or purpose, but in doing so, one losses the opportunity to bring value, understanding and meaning to the journey we all take while having a body/mind.


One can be so distracted by conditioning in life that it is also possible to think that you are on purpose when in fact you are not, you are living someone else’s idea of how you should do life, because you have never taken the time to unpack your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs about this particular approach to living. 


The absence of meaning in life is often a reflection that there may be opportunities to spend some time unraveling your most important decisions and their alignment with your purpose and reason for being in the moment. 

In any moment you have the ability to change the direction your life may be heading, clarifying why you do what you do allows you to add more meaning and purpose to why you do what you do. 


At best you’ll end up with more contentment in knowing that you have done your best in living a life that was worthwhile to you.  At best you will experience enough success that you can then use those results to leave the planet in a better condition than you found it.


The expression of synchronicity in your life is both a clue and affirmation.  Follow the threads of your experience; notice the details and colour of the coincidence that is expressing.  What themes or relevance do those synchronicities have to the larger vision you have for your life?  Find clarity and comfort in knowing that you have been blessed with a body/mind that allows you to experience and express Who You Are, in action. 



As you cultivate the commitment you have to your Self, by increasing the sense of responsibility you have in clarify the impulse of your purpose, you will be less inclined to lose yourself to the delusion of your own mind and the ever present distractions that are part of our worldly experience.





13 Steps to Synchronicity… I = #9
April 18, 2008


I   Follow the inspiration of your intent and desire…


Most of us do not trust ourselves or our motivations in life.  We have been conditioned to judge, fear and dichotomize the intentions, dreams and desires we have for ourselves and the world we live in.  What makes us so distrust our desires, the true language of our Soul?  What makes you believe your will is any different than the will of the Universe?  The core of every desire contains the seed of happiness, innocence and a need for the experience and expression of Who You Are ~ love in action.


When we lose touch with our desires we lose touch with inspiration, our hopes, dreams and desires are replaced by desperation and mediocrity.  When we lose touch with an inner trust to our true Self and life, all we have to navigate our experience is judgment.  When we lose touch with the essence of Who We Are; love, we are reduced to living our life according to our fears only.


As we sink into the Self, we begin to listen too, embrace and rest in the quiet solitude of the Self.  We once again start to bump into the innocence of the intentions and desires that naturally and spontaneously arise from the very same Self.  Inspired by the authenticity of our intentions and desires, we find a renewed zest and affection for life from which to navigate the ebb and flow of our life experience.  We use the wisdom of our own understanding; dropping the pain and suffering of our past to become the luminosity of Who We Are in the present.  We live life once again, from a place of inspiration.

Q.    What can you do to re-inspire your Self and your life?


Q.     What are the intentions and desires you have for your life? 




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