After Thought #34
July 24, 2010


The  Doctrine  of  [ One ]


The search for “liberation” is a timeless journey that takes the appearance of many ideas and paths that are made of ideas.  At the heart of this perennial journey, there lie unanswered questions:

Are we willing to examine with vigilance the ideas we have about those paths we follow so dearly?

Are we willing to question the validity of the ideas that make up those paths?

Are we willing to reach beyond those very ideas, to let go of those ideas in order to touch, taste, smell and feel the unspeakable “truth” that lies at the heart of those very paths?

In the awakened wisdom of your own heart, awareness is still and complete, silent and present.

Awareness is, and [You] Are.

Radical Spirituality has nothing to do with practice, dogma or  prayer.  Prior to the prayer, [You] Are.  Prior to the belief [You Are].  Prior to the though, notion, memory, feeling, association or perception; [You Are].

The essence of Who [You] Are cannot be found in practice, dogma or prayer.  It Spirituality is not something you can learn or achieve, for these are at best, only ideas of spirituality, not Spirituality.  They are speculations; they are projections of the mind that has lost itself in its own thinking.

Let us celebrate the gifts of Spirit in the still, quiet, place of the heart.  Let us ignite the wisdom of our own awareness.  Let us celebrate and realize the “Doctrine of One…”

Soulananda ~ A New Years resolution…
December 31, 2008


Greetings and blessings for the New Year!

We all live in times of concern, need and potential.  At this time of year many are inspired to seek deeper meaning and purpose within their life experience; we look for a quality of resilience that will allow us to elevate our present life experience to greater levels of possibility and potential. 

 As part of the celebration of the upcoming potential and possibility within the expression of the coming New Year, I’d like to share with you my most recent work:

Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good life. 

 This is a short work that has been developed over many years, much of it based on my own personal journey of awakening.  I share it freely with you with the hope that something said or embraced within these ideas, might inspire you to live your life with more freedom and possibility; to be the change you have been looking for.  It is shared with the hope that you might live your life with greater awareness and presence in the Being of Who and What You Are…

Warmest regards in this present moment now!

michael sean symonds

Jan 1st 2009


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