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September 10, 2009

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After a few months of snowboarding practice, I began to actively seek opportunities to develop, refine and enhance my skills.  My initial fear and anxiety gave way to joy and anticipation.  Increased confidence in my own abilities provided greater levels of comfort and ease, so I could simply show up and have fun.  The flow of time, experience and knowledge began to serve as a gateway of clarity to the rhythm and flow of my life. I decided to participate in a weeklong ‘ride and learn’ club.  It was an opportunity to meet new people, explore new terrain and improve my skills in the process. 

There were a couple of Australians in our group who knew how to play hard.  One was a surfer who had unfortunately hurt his arm while surfing just prior to coming to Canada.  He not only had a big heart but buckets of bravado and stamina.  As each day progressed he fell again and again on his injured shoulder.  But he showed up every day.  He justified his unstoppable attendance by the expense of his trip and the boy inside who did not want to miss out for even one moment.

It’s good to listen to your body.  It provides you with relevant guidance to what may or may not be possible.  During the first season I learned quickly, sometimes painfully, to listen to my body.  I had a pass that provided me with unlimited trips to the hill.  I did not have to show up every day to make sure I got my money’s worth; I did not need to spend long days on the hill because I was only in town for a very expensive, week long holiday.  It was liberating for me to be able to discover and determine my own rhythm of being on the hill, while also recognizing that this rhythm could be enhanced if I remained flexible as it ebbed and flowed through the days, weeks, months and years…






Engage the moment as it is. 


Conditions can change dramatically in your life.  While those conditions may conflict with your predetermined agenda, they are as they are ~ or not.  In those moments when your visibility is tempered by distraction, being OK with what is will provide you with a heightened level of presence that enables you to navigate your most challenging extremes.


Extended commentary:

We cannot change the content of the present moment.  In the moment of our greatest fear or suffering, pain or sadness, joy or confusion; we cannot change the content of what is.  We can however change the approach we have to the moment; how we see, subjectively experience, interpret, understand or perceive that moment.  We can have an alert appreciation of the moment, regardless of what content is occurring in the moment. 

 Do you react to the moment?

Do you run from the moment?   

Do you resist the moment by judging, evaluating or by placing erroneous significance on the moment?  

For anything to happen, the entire Universe must conspire for that moment, event, circumstance or situation to unfold, as it is.  Everything is the cause of everything else.  What makes you imagine that the contents of what is occurring in that moment can somehow be changed by the you, you imagine yourself to be?

You can Be aware of that moment, you can be present to that moment.  “You” can have your attention on the process of that moment, or not. In that moment “you” can allow your attention to be on that moment completely, fully, unconditionally, “allowing” that moment to simply Be; by Being.

In the stillness of attention, as it is placed on that moment, as it stands in Being, there is no need for anything to be changed, fixed, transformed or healed.  In the letting go of the need of  “trying” to let go, the ever present, unbounded, Essence of Who You Are can gently move from the unnoticed, background of your attention, to the foreground of Being; where condition, circumstance and situation are irrelevant, where the “good” and the “bad”, the “perfect” and the “imperfect”, are seen as “One”.    

“You” cannot change the present moment.  “You” don’t have to force yourself to even “like” that moment, but “you” can with attention, step out of habitual, conditioned ways of seeing, thinking, and doing life; allowing the many perceived obstacles that are constantly created by the mind to evaporate; that prevent your Essential Self from Being present and available to that moment. 

In the moment of Being there can be no judgment.  In the moment of Being it is possible for there to be no evaluation, and in the moment of Being the significance and fixation that one would normally place on the content of that moment, can end; abandoned forever, so that the innocence of Being, in which all content arises, can once again be revealed and experienced…    

Can you be present with your conditions without assessing, evaluating and comparing your life?


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