After Thought #27…
May 4, 2010



[… STAY with me!]



What is known is more important than what is unknown. 

What is unknown; is.


What is known becomes a temporary obstacle to the perception and “experience” of what is unknown.


It hides and it masks; it distracts and seduces the “you” you imagine yourself to be, from what is unknown.


What is known has been learned. What has been learned must be unlearned.


When attention is given to the known; the obstacles that have been learned, they can be examined and investigated; they can be unpacked.  They can at once be revealed for what they are: as a known obstacle, a distraction and mask, a falsehood that appears to hide what is presently unknown.



Something has become a temporary barrier to nothing.  The learned known, appears to prevent us from seeing the unknown. 



Nothing is; a learned something, is not.



Your vision of the unknown can be clarified by revealing and removing the obstacles of the known.  What has been learned can also be unlearned.  In the space of that knowing; in the space of that unlearning, the unknown can be revealed and what appeared to be something, becomes nothing.



What is learned finally becomes unlearned.



If nothing is and something is not, then there is no nothing and there is no something; there is nothing and something simultaneously, or not.



There is no learning or unlearning; everything just is, or not.



What are those obstacles of the known that you appear to have, which prevent you from seeing the unknown; and the nothing?


What known appears to prevent the unknown?


What is known, must be unknown.


What do you need to unlearn?



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