eEarth Week Challenge Day 3
April 25, 2010



It’s funny how life experiences can change us forever, sometimes in ways we could never have imagined or predicted.  Sometimes those experiences make us grateful, sometimes those experiences leave us with the deepest of perceived scars. 

A few months ago I ended a very tough year and a half of my life.  It was a year and a half where I experienced a number of extreme challenges in living life and dealing with those things that happen in life.  One adjustment was the loss of work and home.  If there is any time to do that in Whistler, ya just don’t wanna do it in November; 2500 young adults are hitting town and the number one Ski Resort in the world; all competing for work and a place to live.

My creative solution for the “roof” over head was to move into “Harvey the RV”.  I’ve lived once before in a place that did not have running water, but that was almost 2 decades before when I lived in an artists loft in Yaletown, Vancouver, livin the life of “a starving artist”. 

Harvey was upscale compared to my loft; but it did have its challenges, one of them being the need to ration my water.  I gave myself permission to have one shower a day:
















… I had enough water to give me 9 showers max, do my teeth, with a little left over before I had to refill the tank, which was a chore in itself…

This is nothing compared to what much of the worlds population face.  I first watched this google, documentary in Harvey.  It has taught me a lot about the idea of gratitude, especially for something that can be so easily be taken for granted in Canada; water…



“ A World Without Water: The world is running out of its most precious resource. True Vision’s timely film tells of the personal tragedies behind the mounting privatization of water supplies. More than a billion people across the globe don’t have access to safe water. Every day 3900 children die as a result of insufficient or unclean water supplies. The situation can only get worse as water gets evermore scarce.”



 I’ve forwarded this post and invitation to a few of my blog buddies, “I” invite you to do the same.  For the next seven days, in your own unique, creative ways; whether that be images, words or ideas of your own or another’s; use your venue of choice [it could be your own home and the simplicity of your own awareness] to bring attention to this moment, our Earth, and the awareness that is needed for meaningful, lasting, significant change.

How can you play?

[Facebook, Twitter, Blog or email] Inspire change: Provide a commentary or link; create a question, image or article that stimulates awareness, conversation or understanding of “Earth Week”; and its intention to continue to promote and bring awareness towards creating a just, sustainable and peaceful planet.

Forward this challenge to your own friends or readers.


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