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May 2, 2010

Hi all!

This is the last few days [May 3rd, ~ 12pm] of my chance [and a chance for others ] to be voted through to round 2 of “The Next Top Spiritual Author” competition.  Its a chance [for “me”] to be published by one of the BIG Boys of publishing: Hampton Roads Publishing and my self published book “ZEN Shredding: Insights, Questions and Confessions of a Meditator and Novice Snowboarder on the pursuit of dreams, inspiration, passion and change”, that came out in 2008.

As a writer, it’s always good to have access to wider circulation channels, so this is a BIG opportunity. 

So, f you hav’nt found the time to vote here’s the scoop for a chance to win one of 5 free books [original ZEN] that i’m giving away as part of the fun!

1) Head to the link below

2) Sign in.

3) Vote ~ for me : )

4) After you have finished voting, a pop up will give you some details on entering a draw for a chance to win one of 5 free Books from my original ZEN Shredding…

Note: 250ppl will progress into round two, where a new vote will be activated on May 24th, you might have to come back again if I progress to round two!!!

Insight #60 ~ ZEN Shredding…
October 7, 2009

new whistler blackcomb 053


Find balance. 


All areas of your life need a certain amount of attention.  Balance allows you to navigate the diversity of life’s challenges with greater ease.  To find balance you need to define for yourself what balance is and then cultivate its value within your life.

Extended commentary:

If you are looking to the outside world for balance, there will always appear to be something in need of balance; you will never find it.  When it comes to the Self, there is no need of balance; the Self is the Self always; at all times, and under all circumstances.  “You” are the Self, even though you may not be aware of it.  You are the Self always, at all times and under all circumstances.

There’s really on one way of looking at the concept of balance; it occurs out there in the world of form and phenomena.  When it comes to living ones life “out there”, you can always find something that may be in need of balance, or not.

You might notice that you will continue to be “in” or “out” of balance as long as you continue to compare your self to something out there.  If there is no comparison, there can be no “in” or “out” of balance.  As long there is judgment: this is good, this is bad; evaluation: this means this, this means that; or significance: this is more important than this; balance or not balance,  will be a concept that dominates the mind; placed on the moment and who you imagine yourself to be.

What is being compared?

 Why is there comparing?

 Who is the comparer?

At a thinking level you might imagine that you are imbalanced or not, if you think you are your thoughts; but that is still a judgment.  At the level of feeling, you might feel you are imbalanced or not, if you think you are your feelings; but that is only an evaluation.  When you compare yourself  to others or the rest of the world, it might appear as though you are imbalanced, or not, if you think that you are just your body; it is still a limitation of significance. 

Where attention is only on the foreground of life, there will always be need of balance or not.  Where identification is place on the objects that exist in the foreground, there will always be need of balance or not.

Where there is both attention and identification of the subject to the objects that exist in foreground of life, there will always be a comparison and thus, a need of balance or not.

While balance may be appear to be an important strategy to cultivate with regards to being out there in the world of form and phenomena, it has nothing to do with being aware of Who You Are; it has nothing to do with finding out Who You Are.

Prior to thinking you are; there is no balanced or not balanced.  Prior to feeling you are, there is no balanced or not balanced. Prior to being, you are; there is no balanced or not balanced.  Prior to having or not having, you are; there is no balanced or not balanced.

With awareness there is no need of judgment, evaluation or significance, with awareness there is no need of comparison.  With awareness there is no need of balance, in regards to Being Who You Are. 

With awareness you can Be Who You Are.

Who Are You prior to balance or not balance?


 What can you do to enhance the balance you

experience in your life?


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Q #2 ~ Ten Questions for a New Humanity…
July 25, 2009

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In January of this year [2009] I completed a small, self published title: Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life.  Within this book there is a segment called “Ten Questions for a New Humanity”.  I believe this to be a very important piece that has value, meaning, and relevance for those who are interested in creating a life that is congruent with their highest aspirations; for those who are looking to be the change in their own life and the world they live in.

My intent is simple, to stimulate a ripple effect by encouraging others to engage these ten questions consciously, mindfully, and purposefully, whether that be by journaling, meditative contemplation or direct dialogue with another or even within a group format.

For the next 10 consecutive days I will publish one question a day from Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life and Ten Questions for a New Humanity. It is my hope that these words may inspire you to begin or perhaps even deepen your own journey of enquiry into Who You Are.  It is my hope that by engaging these questions you will begin or extend your present conversation and connection you have with Self, “others” and our Earth, that it will spark greater levels of congruence within that One relationship.

  I encourage you to send a link from this blog to three of your friends or more who you think might be interested in participating within this conversation.  I want to invite you to post your own responses to each question when you feel guided, so that we all can share in the inspiration and words of wisdom that may unfold out of your own inner dialogue and vision.

If you would like to further support this initiative AND my work, you could also visit the online publisher of Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life; and, for a small investment, order the full colored “booklet”…

You can take a sneak peek inside the pages itself by visiting this link:

Soulananda; The Essentials of a Good Life



Changing your world, ONE Question at a time…

From birth we are conditioned to believe that we have a separate, individual, existence that is independent from all other forms and phenomena.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  No concept or way of being could generate the kind of pain and suffering we all experience as a result of this particular idea.

The results of this distinct idea cause us to pursue ways of thinking, being and doing that become mechanical expressions of the mind; driven by motivations based on the idea of separation.  As we lose ourselves in distinction, we isolate ourselves from the greater whole within life; we lose touch with the essential underlying unity.  However unconsciously, we develop a psychology of “I”, based on the lie of division, segregation and dissociation from our bodies, from the Earth, and from the great suffering that lies within ourselves, the Earth and the rest of humanity.

As we begin to question, examine and discard self engendered, self centered ideas, we create the space for the voice of inner wisdom to be expressed; we begin to weave a tapestry of colour that includes a spectrum of elements that can align, enhance and elevate the actions we take to support not only our own needs and the needs of others, but also the greater needs of the Earth itself.

While the foreground of life demands action, it is the background of Being that underlies all expressions of doing.  To become aware of Being, is to elevate the doing.  As we elevate Being it naturally enhances the foreground of doing; the dreams, desires, gifts and talents we pursue, enhance not only our own well Being, but also Environmental well Being and Social wellbeing.  As we enhance with attention the experience of our inner Being, all expressions of Being are themselves enhanced… 

 Here’s the second question:


2)     Do the dreams, desires, gifts and talents I pursue, enhance and elevate the resilience I have to my own life experience, to my own inner wisdom and the service I could provide to the ONE greater Earth community?

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