After Thought #37
August 21, 2010


A lot of people think that spirituality is about MORE: having more, getting more, doing more, knowing more, understanding more, seeing and experiencing more, even loving more.  Nothing could be farther than the truth.

Spirituality has nothing to do with having more or getting more.  A good example of this confusion is a teaching like the “law of attraction”.  This particular [i]dea about spirituality which resurfaced over the last decade with a shiny new coat of painting has become very popular in spite of the flaw of its inherent, narcissistic root based on infantile fantasy and projection. 

Based on an earlier conceptual [i]dea of, “we create our reality” or what is also popularly called “co-creation”, most fail to recognize that all “Laws” are created by the mind and not some universal power [out there]. 

More obvious yet, if [we] are to accept our greatest teachers insight; those who have [reached] some [degree] or [level] of [awakening ~ realization], it is very clear, if only at a cognitive level of understanding, that there is no separation, there is only perceived separation. 

It is very clear that there is no separate, individual, distinct entity that exists separate from every other entity.  There is only a perceived separate, individual that appears to see and feel its own distinction. 

In “its” imagined state of separation, the “I” appears to live its life, with its own independent existence; in search of something else; something more: be it more happiness, more success, more Love or more freedom.  There lies an unrecognized, underlying [pathology] of separation that leads to a viewpoint that thinking more, being more, having more and doing more will somehow provide some sort of liberation; a perception based on and driven by a concept of duality.  Driven by an imagined wound of separation, which “I” would not want to have more, get more, experience more or love more? 

Bound by the limits of its own [personal] thinking and feeling, which “I” would not be lead to imagine that by gaining more understanding, more knowledge or more love, one could conceivable, if only for a moment, replace an imagined lack with some substitution; creating a higher, greater, or more perfect degree of fulfillment, meaning and satisfaction within ones life?   

Only it doesn’t!

The feeling of a [personal] absence of love cannot be filled with any substitution for that perceived absence, including love itself.  The feeling or the belief in the absence of success, knowledge, understanding, power, creativity or any listed gain that exists within the language game, cannot be replaced by more of the same.  

The “I” doesn’t, and never will create a replacement for something that never existed in the first place.  Satisfaction and fulfillment will never fill a pursuit of more which is driven by a perceived void of less.  This approach at most is only a temporary reprieve, a momentary pause in quelling a perceived hunger that lives inside.   

In the quiet of the night, in a moment of complete and brutal honesty, it can be seen that whatever substitute might be used, a [personal] more of anything, does not provide the [personal] something we have been looking for.  While more money, more sex, more drugs, more alcohol and even more meditation or spirituality may ease and mask the perceived pain and suffering that exists within; attracting or getting more of what [you] want in life will never lead to finding out Who You Are.

Don’t get me wrong. 

Life will always contain pleasure and pain, its dichotomy is inherently woven into the garment of existence.  It can be appreciated for what it is, while recognizing Who We Are.

Radical Spirituality recognizes the seductions of these teachings for what they are: conceptual ideas of spirituality that are based on a mind that perceives reality as duality.  “I” based thinking and spirituality will only, ever, bound the unbound. 

However seductive, the root of any spirituality based on ideas of the mind, the dogmas and philosophies, the ideas and the “laws” (including the words contained within this post) that come from a mind, will only lead to further struggle and suffering if used as a substitute for what was, is, and will always be.

 Prior to the idea of Spirituality lies an unspoken truth. 

Stay there.

Prior to the idea of having more or less; stay there.

Prior to the idea of getting and doing more; stay there.

Prior to the idea of knowing and understanding more; stay there.

Prior to the idea of seeing more or experiencing more; stay there

Prior to the idea of more or less…

stay there!

After Thought #36
August 12, 2010


 The Darshan of Being…


There is a [Spiritual] revolution occurring; a radical spirituality that is expressing itself unconditionally, consciously, in uniquely ordinary ways.  The expression of this movement is not built on the principle of God or Goddess.  It’s not based on Mantra, Yantra or Tantra.  This practical spirituality is not based on the color of your skin, the direction in which you pray, or the cast into which you appeared to be born. It has nothing to do with the ideas you have about spirituality; in the absence of those ideas, something greater is seen.

This [Spirituality] is not based on what you ware, what you eat or what you may do or not do in life.  It has nothing to do with what you know or don’t know.  [Your] understanding has no bearing on [your] salvation; in this Darshan of Being, there is nothing to be saved and everything to be revealed.

[ Darśana (Darshan, Sanskrit: दर्शन) is a Sanskrit term meaning “sight” (in the sense of an instance of seeing or beholding; from a root dś “to see”), vision, apparition, or glimpse. It is most commonly used for “visions of the divine,” e.g., of a god or a very holy person or artifact. One could “receive darshana” of the deity in the temple, or from a great saintly person, such as a great guru.

In the sense “to see with reverence and devotion,” the term translates to hierophany, and could refer either to a vision of the divine or to being in the presence of a highly revered person. In this sense it may assume a meaning closer to audience. “By doing darshan properly a devotee develops affection for God, and God develops affection for that devotee.”[1]

Darshan is ultimately difficult to define since it is an event in consciousness—an interaction in presence between devotee and guru; or between devotee and image or sculpture, which focuses and calls out the consciousness of the devotee. In either event, a heightening of consciousness or spirituality is the intended effect…]

From Wikipedia

Radical Spirituality does not dwell on entertaining ideas of Chakras or pranayams.  There are no Gurus or teachers, texts or traditions; there are no philosophies or dogmas to get in the way of what is.  This movement is not about merit or anything that can be achieved or lost.

Radical Spirituality is not based on past or future lives.  Karma and credit are to be dismissed as tribal ideas based on ghetto thinking that can only come from a mind that see’s and perceives itself and the world as a separate thing.

What is sacred here; what is holy here is the now in which it all happens. 

Now is what is happening or not happening.  In this Darshan of Being, the dogma of thinking, being, having and doing are [transcended] by being present to what is.

The prophets and the priests have no authority here. 

In this holy, sacred, now, what is important and sacred is what is allowed.  What is allowed can be noticed, what is allowed can be seen.  What is allowed can be witnessed with total [innocence] and [freedom].  What is allowed can be seen for what it is; the unlearning begins. 

What was learned must be unlearned so that what is here or not here can be seen in complete acceptance or not.  What is unlearned is the stale, dogmatic, rhetoric of ideas and notions; thoughts and beliefs that must be discarded; ideas about something that had nothing to do with anything including [spirituality].

Radical Spirituality is not about healing, fixing or changing.  Nothing is transcended; nothing is gained; nothing is lost.  Nothing is for once allowed to be something, and in that something, nothing can be seen as everything and everything is seen as nothing.

Can you kneel by being present to your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences as equally as you would a great Sage or Saint? 

Can you hold the same reverence for [your] anger as you would joy, confusion as you would clarity?

In the Darshan of Being, something is not given importance or significance over nothing; something and nothing are equally valid, equally relevant, equally innocent and equally sacred.  In the ordinary nothing, lies an extraordinary something.  

Heaven and Earth are One.  

[Freedom] does not lie in Puja, practice or philosophy.  In the absence of ideas, lies in the presence of Who [you] truly were, are and will always be.  In the Darshan of Being, nothing appears to become something and THAT something will eventually appear to become nothing.

Conventional spirituality would have you believe that life is about being more, getting more, and having more.  It provides a seductive and addictive smorgasbord of existence and experience to entice an imagined seeker to seek: a method, a way, a return to an imagined something that was lost.

Radical Spirituality asks [you] to consider that nothing was ever lost; therefore nothing needed to be gained.  Radical Spirituality asks [you] to consider that in the Darshan of Being, there lies something extraordinary within the ordinary, that one can see or behold the bliss of the moment as it is.  Radical Spirituality suggests that with affectionate attention, what was once hidden can now be revealed, that everything can be seen as an interaction and dance of the divine…

Insight #61 ~ ZEN Shredding…
October 14, 2009

 WB 030


Avoid losing yourself in the noise of your life. 


The experience of clarity can be cultivated by the reduction and elimination of drama in your life. Learning to navigate life with effortless ease is a learned skill.  When your story becomes overwhelming, when the noise of your life experience overshadows the connection of clarity to your inner wisdom, you can quickly lose yourself in the detail and noise of life.

Extended commentary:

I don’t think I need to define or explain the infinite ways in which we often lose ourselves in the “noise” of life; the many forms and shapes of its experience.  Simply said, it’s anything that distracts you from Who You Are.  It could take the form of major drama, or be a simple memory that sits in the recesses of the mind obsessively haunting and triggering you into immense suffering.

When I was first exposed to this insight, it radically changed the way I perceived my life.  I’d had had my fill of “noise”, and understood immediately the context of the insight.  I also recognized the perceived challenge of “not losing oneself”; because most of my life had been spent in the yearning and pursuit of THAT seemingly illusive Self whilst in the noise.

Interestingly enough the noise of life does not necessarily have to be a “bad” or so called “negative” experience.  Any experience can potentially become a trap or distraction, even the so-called “good” experiences.  You can’t get out of a trap if you don’t know you’re in a trap.  You can’t get out of a trap if you are acting out or believing the experience IS a trap.  In the absence of judgment however, all experience can serve as a tool to re-align our attention and perception in how we see ourselves, others and the experiences we have and that occur in the world.

While we may be a little clearer about what the “noise” may look and feel like in life; what does it look and feel like to lose your Self?  We must set a president here, by understanding that while it may look and feel like “I” or “you”, or any “other” may have lost myself, your Self or their Self; the Self can never really be lost.  To paraphrase an ancient Vedic expression:


“Water cannot wet it, fire cannot burn it, iron cannot cleave it…

It’s ancient, it’s unborn, it never dies…”


It is only at the level of the body, mind and emotions that we imagine and interpret that we have lost touch with the Self; it is in the thinking, feeling and external dimensions that we imagine we are in separation.  Since EVERYTHING can become, or is a potential “noise”, it is only in our distraction too noise, where our attention gets caught up in “noise”, that we then seemingly “lose touch” with our essential nature. 

Re-stated; when the focus our attention is allowed to get caught up only in the foreground of life amongst the thinking, the having, the being and the doing, there is a good chance that we will eventually become overwhelmed by it.  We lose touch and awareness of the background of our Being and the brilliance of its light.  In favoring the foreground of life only; in the favoring of the thinking, the being, the having and the doing over Being, we appear to temporarily lose touch with our essential core.

To be very clear; we can never truly lose our Self.  Our life can be filled with a myriad of experiences; the greatest suffering and tragedy possible, and the Self will always remain the One eternal Self that most of us spend our lives seeking.  Because our attention is on the noise and foreground of life; in error, we identify with the noise and foreground, as being self, and the background of our true Self, goes unnoticed.

What’s needed and what’s desired by so many is a greater level of appreciation and awareness of that background presence.  What’s needed and what’s desired by so many is that the background of Being shifts to become the foreground if reality; to permanently overshadow the thinking, the being, the having and the doing; where we no longer feel a perceived loss too our essential nature: the peace, the potential, and the stillness from which it all arises and eventually subsides…


In what areas of your life is there too much noise?


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Insight #56 ~ ZEN Shredding…
September 1, 2009

 WB 247


Embrace your process. 



In your search for fresh tracks and greener grass you can get caught up in a pursuit of happiness that disables rather than enables.  It is for you alone to decide what works in your life.  Coming to terms might include your abstention from the habit of romancing the moment with narratives of saintly virtue and Hollywood melodrama.

Extended commentary:

In the pursuit, journey and discovery of Who We Are, it’s often easy to find oneself standing in a place of judgment that our process should somehow be different than it is.  There are times when it looks, feels and seems as though we are in the flow, where our life experience is perceived to be occurring in an effortless way; where the ease of it all suggests a feeling of magic, perfection and wonder is unfolding for us. 

Naturally, within the perceived flow of life, there is also its apparent opposite; ebb, where life that was perceived as once expanding, now appears to be contracting.  Sometimes it feels like it sucks!  The degree to which we can navigate the ebb and flow of our life ~ the expansion and contraction, will always be largely dependent upon our attachment to the content of what may or may not be occurring in that moment and our desire that it be somehow different.

Much of the perceived or real challenge ~ the degree of attachment, is based on the focus of our attention.  If our attention is focused “out there”, fixated and obsessed on the content of what is or is not happening in our life, there is a high degree of probability that we will lose ourselves in that process as we fixate on what we would like to be happening, versus what is happening.

Life is full of curve balls; the skill of navigating the moment is based on our ability to stand in the innocence of Being, that lies in the moment, regardless of the content of what may or may not be happening.  In the stillness of Being, we often find the resilience to navigate what is; we find the ability to simply allow the moment to be as it is, without expectation: it should be this way or that way; without applying any judgment: this is good this is bad; evaluation: this experience means this or that about…, or significance: this is more important, this is not so important; all of which, are expressions of the mind and not the “real” you.

In the so called “Spiritual” world we sometimes go to the extreme with regard to the “significance” aspect and its distortion of what is; we abstract out on the story of what is happening, by adding outrageous layers and dimensions to the already unfolding story the mind is contributing to what is going on, which is NOT what is happening. 

What’s happening is what is happening, adding past lives, karma, planetary influences or apparent” contracts” to explain, understand or describe why something may or may not be happening in our life, wil,l in most every case, only complicate and intensify the degree and level to which we have lost ourselves in the narrative of the story and what appears to be going on.

If we stand in the story, there is a high degree of probability that we will lose ourselves in the story.  If we stand in our Being, by allowing what is, to be; a space is created for the moment to unfold, as it is and our ability to access the wisdom of knowing which can only occur in the moment, will then be able to spontaneously provide a potential response or pause, that may be needed to navigate that which is occurring in the moment.

As we allow the moment to unfold without expectation, judgment, evaluation or significance, we are free to Be.  We are free to realize that we are not the content of what may be occurring in the moment.  In this shift of awareness, we begin to realize that we are not bound by the moment, the content of what may be occurring in the moment, nor the story of understanding that we have spun and use, to describe what was occurring for us in the moment.

Things can get very complicated when we try to understand, explain or come up with justifications and reasons for to what may or may not be occurring in our process; this is a description of what is happening and not the process of what is happening.  Sometimes, the best way to navigate the present moment, as our process is to simply do nothing, simply allow it to unfold as it is and happens; without trying to influence or understand the “why” of it all…   

Can you give yourself permission to just be?

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Insight #46 ~ ZEN Shredding…
May 13, 2009

 new whistler blackcomb 009


Trust and honor your body ~ love your body. 


A biological intelligence exists within your body that is smarter than your cognitive mind.  Let your body ride the terrain of life.  Look after it and it will look after you.  Your individual body is your connection to the larger Universal body.  To deny your body is to deny your connection to the world, to deny your connection to the world is to deny your connection to the Universe and its underlying unity. 


Extended commentary:

It does not surprise me in the least, that the worlds ecosystems are in such degradation, that day by day we destroy another species, pollute another river, cut down yet another acre of old growth forest.  To me, it’s simply a symptom of the degree to which we have disassociated ourselves from our Selves, and from the bodies that those “Selves” exist in. 

The degree to which we have lost touch with our true nature and Self, is the degree to which we treat not only each other, but the Earth that we live on.  The degree to which we disown, judge and abuse our own body is the degree to which we will disown, judge and abuse the relationship we have to not only to each other, but to our Earth.

On the surface it may appear that the world is “out there”; separate, distinct, something to be used, taken advantage of, and then discarded.  The world is seen and experienced as another object, something to be controlled ~ something to be sold. 

Many of us have been conditioned in very subtle ways to see the body as an object; something to be used, taken advantage of, and then discarded.  While this may seem a somewhat extreme statement to make, we can see it clearly in our behaviors and attitudes.  We can see in some of our most influential value systems the blatant disregard and implicit judgment that becomes our explicit conditioning and experience.  The degree to which many struggle around, judge, evaluate and demonize their sexual expression is, a simple example of how something so innocent can become so easily contaminated by cultural, religious and philosophical doctrines based on the fear, judgment and conditioning of others.    

The ancient wisdom traditions teach us, that there is no distinction between “in here” and “out there”.  They inform us to become aware of, embrace, and celebrate “the temple of our body”; to recognize our body as an instrument, a tool, and resource from which we can then explore the greater magnificence of our worldly adventure, and the inherent potential that lies within the gift of our body. 

But do we listen?  Do we engage the learning’s that unfold as we develop an intimate connection and relationship to the bone, tissues and senses that offer us such potential and delight?  Getting in touch with our body; becoming intimate with our body; provides a unique opportunity to become aware of, discover, and respect the boundaries of that body.  As we become more aware of our  body, as we begin to value the physical boundaries and the potentials that exist within our body, I believe we cannot help but become more aware and respectful the boundaries, limitations, and sensitivities of our physical world.

When you spend time with your own body, honoring, owning and celebrating its expression, you cannot help but want to explore not only the expression of your own body, but your also, your extended body which is the world you live in.  As you value the gift of your own body, you cannot help but extend that same value spontaneously to another, and then naturally, to the very world those “others” live in. 

As you cultivate an intimate relationship with your own body, you cannot help but want to create an intimate relationship with the world you live in.  And in the intimacy of that relationship, you will experience the interdependence and impact of your body on another’s, and to a greater extent, the world that you live in.  When you spend time in your body celebrating its existence by immersing that body in the body this Earth, you cannot but help feel and recognize the interconnectedness of it all…   


How can you honor your body with more



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Insight #45 ~ ZEN Shredding…
May 6, 2009





When you find out who you are,

everything changes. 


It was never about changing the world.  Nothing ever needed to be healed, fixed or changed.  The Dharma of acceptance is the greatest teacher, a humbling instrument that elevates and ennobles who you are. Your role is to become accustomed to the illusion of an ever-changing world that masks the mystery of your never changing Self.

Extended commentary:

 The author, teacher and “healer” Niro Markoff Assistant once wrote:

 “Healing is accepting who we are and saying yes to it, without trying to change anything…” 

 It’s one of a few quotes that continues to inspire me in life, to examine and question life and the traditional agenda that most human beings operate under: doing, fixing, transforming, healing, clearing, or attempting to integrate the moment of our experience as it arises. 

 There are times in my life where I clearly have and will operate in the neurosis of this self engendered belief that the “I” (or “me”), actually has domain and personal volition over its existence; that it has the power to __________ (fill in the blank).

 At an intuitive level; at a knowing level, there is a recognition that behind the curtain of conventional reality there hides an “intelligence” within our Universe that is unbound by space and time, and the detailed circumstance and experience that occurs in day to day story.  In spite of our attempts to usurp some alternative power within our physical world, or the seduction of spiritual attainment that allows you to somehow “create the life you always imagined”, life will happen, and it will happen outside the preferences of an “I” no matter how noble, enlightened or altruistic those preferences may or may not be.

If the illusion in life is the ever changing experience of the world, then why would we want to place our attention and effort to making it different?  If the “grace”, “freedom” and true “power”, lie in the never changing Self, then why would we imagine that something needs to “be done” in that moment, for that Self to be realized?

 In this present moment now, we can spend our time imagining, wishing, wanting, willing, needing, intending, fearing, desiring and affirming the mask of our ever changing world be somehow different, or we can instead allow that self, to settle down into a quiet tranquility that is the heart of acceptance; and in that moment, glimpse or reveal the mystery of our  never changing Self…


Can you accept who you are in each moment without trying to change anything?



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Insight #44 ~ ZEN Shredding…
April 28, 2009




Witness the flow of your life. 



The current of your life can change in a moment, an hour or in a day.  It’s important to recognize that at any moment you might need to slow down, be attentive, speed up or simply stop because that is the call of the moment. While this may or may not coincide with your own plans, learning to surrender to the flow of your life will minimize the degree of struggle you may or may not be having.


Extended commentary:


As I write these extended blog entries based on my book ZEN Shredding, I am constantly “floored” as to how many of the insights have recently struck a cord of meaning and relevance to my present moment experience.  It’s almost like another version has unfolded inside of me and could hit the press with regards to the perceptions I am having with those insights in the present moment now. 


For the last 20 years of my life I have been actively exploring and immersing myself in the world of so called spirituality and personal growth.  I have had some amazing experiences, made some amazing friendships, and discovered many illusions while grounding myself in some of the world’s greatest, timeless teachings.  “I” also have imagined that as a result of this tenure, on some level, that “I” had “done” enough of my homework to be able to step into the enlightened side of simply Being.


 This last year 2008/2009 has been an “interesting” time; it peaked in the spring/summer of 2008 with the publication and promotion of a three year book project ~ ZEN Shredding, in the fall it dived.  I received news that I would not only be losing my accommodation [free rent living in a cabin in the woods] but also, that my day job was coming to an end.  Whistler, Canada is NOT the ideal kind of place to be looking for work or accommodation, in the late fall.  As a resort destination, the population of seasonal workers increases dramatically, as the population of incoming employees increases the available accommodation decreases with regards to accessibility. 


For “me”, it was a recipe for disaster.  I could not find work and I could not find a place to live.  As a way to ease the situation I decided to move into an alternative substitute ~ “Harvey” the RV.  I have now just finished the glory of “living the dream” of my first winter living in an rv.  While there were some enjoyable moments, overall, a large part of “me” feels like I’ve dived into the deep end of an Olympic size pool and is almost, treading water…


In the contemporary world of new age spirituality there is a great expectation and fever for ever expanding levels of success and happiness in all areas of our life.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with this intent as long as we do not become attached to the idea of living in an UP universe; the idea that there is some mystical magical moment when our life will permanently tread a Bullish style market. 


My experience over the last six months has reminded me once again how delicate life is; how easy it is to slip from the experience of being a bliss bunny one moment who appears to be on track and dialed into life; into the suffering created by shadows of fear and grief over the loss of meaning and purpose, a perceived friendship, and the circumstances that exist in ones life.  While my currant situation has improved from an external point of view, my internal world has fallen into chaos and shock.  I have stepped into the shadow of a mind of ideas and a heart filled with emotions that touch the deepest fears, judgments and conditionings of the person I imagine myself to be.


No human being, however “enlightened”, is immune to the comings and goings of life; the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the ins and outs that occur in the story of our day to day existence and our identification to a body/mind.  Realization of any degree has no guarantee’s; life continues to unfold in its juxtaposition of opposites: pain and suffering, joy and bliss; the ups and downs of change appear to be the only constant as the “I” dances in the world of form and phenomena.


As we begin to identify ourselves too the timeless factor that is our real and only Self ~ the ONE who is the witness; an experience of resilience begins to spontaneously appear, independent too the ebb and flow of our life.  As we begin to identify ourselves AS the timeless factor in a time bound experience, we begin to realize that this Self, our true Self, can rejoice in itSelf always, regardless of what may appear or disappear in the moment to moment story we call life.


The discovery of Who We Are, is a “personal journey” of an imagined “I”, that believes it is a separate, individual and distinct entity, with a past, present and future story based on personal volition.  The spontaneous, unconditional, acceptance of the juxtaposition of opposites within our life occurs as a result of our stabilization to our Self, and provides the space for a subjective experience of freedom to express that requires no external change for corroboration or affirmation. 


You are Who You Are, independent of the circumstances and situations that occur within your life experience.  As we learn to witness not only our life, but also the ONE who witnesses our life, we become aware of a level of freedom that was always available; the timeless and eternal factor that we label “YOU”, has only temporarily imagined itself as space and time bound, “me”.


* Much, much more than a footnote;


I have just received news that one of my closest friends and mentors, Louise; has been diagnosed with some kind of cancer.  Treatments begin this week.  I want to dedicate this entry to you Louise.  You are my role model; “teacher” and Angel in life.  You are someone who has shown me what is possible, that there is such a thing as unconditional love… 


I need to slow down and stop, now.


This was never part of “the plan”…    



Where is the flow of your life taking

you ~ do you need to slow down, be attentive, gear up or stop?


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